Best Arena 7 Decks (2022) (Win)

Want to know what are the Best Arena 7 Decks for 2022? You have come to the right place.

Here you will find information about the best arena 7 decks and the best arena 7 clash royale decks. Also, you can quickly advance after a while if you are a successful player.

Now, the deck will begin to turn. And, in spite of the fact that it is a step away from the Hog Rider bike deck, you can use some very popular decks without even being aware of it.

And, by doing so, you can make a lot of money. But you have to use these cards properly.

Here are the Best Arena 7 Decks and Clash Royale Decks.

Best Arena 7 Decks

This is no doubt the ultimate deck with which you will surprise your opponent if you are tired of the typical Hog Rider deck. One of its best features is the lack of legendary cards.

Consequently, you should have them at a decent level. If you’ve seen the importance of the trophy climb for the Hog Rider, you can’t ignore it.

Using the giant skeleton as a defensive mechanism, this deck blocks enemy attacks. In contrast, the Hog Rider destroys the enemy’s defenses.

And, when defending, the damage caused by the giant skeleton’s bomb will save your elixir when it is left in the enemy’s defense.

For a devastating attack, you can combine Hog Rider with Goblin Barrel or Giant Skeleton with Hog Rider. Whether you want to defend with more elixir depends on your preference.

Miner Mortar Deck in Arena 7

This Miner Mortar Deck has an average elixir cost of 3.1. It has a very high attack power. It also has great defenses.

The deck is considered average for free-to-play players. And, for air defense, you can use Spear Goblins, Bats, and Musketeers cards.

Using Mortar is also a defensive option. Meanwhile, the spell cards Fireball and Log Damage can also be used to defend. But, your conditions to win are Miner and Mortar.

It is a siege deck. Countering your opponent’s moves is possible with a wide variety of cards. It still works as a defensive building, even though mortar is a little slow.

And, by using it properly, you can destroy towers by somehow overtaking them. The great defensive abilities of this deck ensure that you won’t be overtaken by your opponents.

However, you must handle nectar carefully.

Miner Mega Knight WB Deck in Arena 7

This Best Arena 7 Decks has an average elixir cost of 3.4. It has excellent attacking abilities. It also has excellent defensive abilities.

However, we would consider this deck “bad” for F2P gamers. Gunner and bat cards can be used to defend the air. Defensive buildings are not available.

Zip and Barbarian are spell cards that deal barrel damage. Also, keep in mind that your winning conditions are Wall Breaker, Minor, and Mega Knight.

At this level, this deck is a classic. It comes in many variations. Because it is an ideal deck for customization. The Mega Knight and Prince can fully defend you.

You apply pressure to the opponent you grabbed with miners and wall breakers. It allows you to gain control. However, your approach is should be the correct one.

Mega Knight Deck – Triple Spell Giant Deck in Arena 7

This Triple Spell Giant Deck has an average elixir cost of 3.6. It has a good attack. It also has a very good defense. The deck is good for F2P gamers. Minion and Mega Minion cards are good for air defense.

Defending buildings are not available. Damage spells include Zap, Arrow, and Fireball. Your winning bet is Giant.

You can reach a lot more stages with this F2P-compatible deck. However, we cannot guarantee victory after victory. However, it is an extremely powerful deck.

The couple relies on the Prince and the Double Prince. A mini beating strategy can also be implemented with Giant. How does that work?

From behind the tower, use the giant. After that, return it to the deck. Properly applied, it produces excellent results.

Balloon Mega Knight Deck in Arena 7 Clash

This Balloon Mega Knight Deck has an average elixir cost of 4.0. Balloon Mega Knight has decent attack and defense capabilities. In terms of F2P gamers, we would consider this deck average.

Bat, Witch, and Musketeers cards can be used to defend against air attacks. You cannot use any defensive building cards.

The Zap card deals damage to the city. There are some conditions that you need to fulfill in order to win the Globe and Mega Knight.

If you’ve unlocked your Mega Knight cards, this is the perfect arena deck for you. Balloons can be used to destroy your opponents. You must wait for your opponent to move before using them.

And, to use the elixir, you will need to use the Mega Knight. After that, you can try to bring the globe to the tower by using it as a tank.

However, it will be difficult. Nevertheless, you will feel very comfortable with the deck once you have become accustomed to it.

Giant Hog Rider Deck in Arena 7

There are 3.1 elixirs in this Deck of Giant Hog Riders. They are very good at attacking and they are also very good at defending. The deck is a good choice for F2P gamers.

Meanwhile, minion and Musketeers cards can be used for air defense. But, you can’t use defensive building cards.

Also, among the best damage spells are Zap, The Log, and Fireball. And, you must keep in mind that Hog Rider and Giant are your winning conditions.

Using this platform is a good option if you are looking for a F2P platform. You can choose between Giant and Hog Rider winning conditions.

If used properly, both are equally effective. The giant can be used as a flesh shield. However, regardless of the occasion, Hog Rider is certainly an excellent tower-busting tool.

But, unfortunately, most opponents won’t allow it. So, to counter this, you will need to use a spell card.


How do you win every time in clash Royale?

There is always a win in the game. The game does not have to be won every time.

Nevertheless, there are definitely a few tips for you that will make your gameplay more enjoyable. And, perhaps you will even win.

What should you keep in mind in this arena 7?

Already, there are more cards than ever before. You probably know more than the players about the cards.

So now is the time to get to know your decks, their functions, and which one suits your needs best. As well as which one counteracts the one you might find here.

Our main recommendation is that you put all of your energy into a deck that is working well for you. If you switch, you may not be able to get the cards at the maximum level you need. Consequently, you will lose several games.

Can I cheat in Clash Royale?

No, you can’t. Cheating is not allowed due to the security features of Clash Royale. The servers are also extremely secure.

What’s the best deck in Arena 7?

Arena 7 has many good decks.

  • Arena 7 Deck- Miner Wall Breakers.
  • Arena 7 Deck: Giant Double Prince 3 spell.
  • Arena 7 Deck: Mega Knight Wall Breakers.
  • Arena 6 Deck: Mortar Miner.
  • Arena Deck – Barrel Princess Rocket chip.

Final Words

Our goal in this post is to provide you with the best deck for Clash Royale arena 7 so you can use this as a guide to assist you in choosing the best deck for your level 7 game.

The post will be updated when a new rush royale best deck arena 7 is released. This is your one-stop-shop for all updates on arena 7 clash royale decks.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions. Keep this post bookmarked for the best rush royale deck arena 7.

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