Best Deck for Arena 3 (Clash Royale)

Best Deck for Arena 3: The Clash Royale Arena Challenge of 2022 has begun. You will have to run through a variety of arenas on your way to the highest points in the arena.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of different decks depending on the available cards. And, here we will list the best deck for Arena 3 in this guide if you are wondering what you should pick.

Best Deck for Arena 3

Clash Royale is a game that requires the Best Deck to be successful. The Barbarian Bowl, or Arena 3, is where you start learning how to play Clash Royale.

As a tank, the giant is the best in Arena 3, which we’ve built on this deck. The deck works really well in Arena 3. Thanks for trying it out!

In addition to Goblin, Mini P.E.K.K.A., Fireball, Skeleton, Spear Goblin, Giant, Valkyrie, and Barbarian, the Deck also consists of these cards.

There are almost no offensive cards in this deck except giant. And, each of these cards can severely damage the tower when placed on the giant’s back.

Giant & Mega Minion Deck

giant and mega minion deck

This deck list has a lot of good options like: Arrows, Fireball, Giants, Goblin Cage, Mega Minion, Mini PEKKA, Musketeer, and Skeletons.

Giant & Valkyrie Deck

giant and valyrie deck

It’s a bit like the top deck. There are a few differences, however. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to run the list with Arrows, Giant, Mega Minion, Mini PEKKA, Musketeer, Skeleton Army, Tombstone, and Valkyrie.

Baby Dragon & Goblin Barrel Deck

Baby Dragon & Goblin Barrel Deck

This list is another great option since it’s quite different from most Giant decks. The decklist consists of Baby Dragon, Barbarian Barrel, Fireball, Goblin Barrel, Mini PEKKA, Musketeer, Skeleton Army, and Valkyrie.

Final Words

Here are the best decks to use during the Clash Royale Arena Challenge 2022. In the Clash Royale section of our website, you can find more information about the game.

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