How to Complete the Titanic Challenge in BitLife

Do you know how to complete the titanic challenge in Bitlife?

A new challenge has just been released in BitLife. Probably not what you expected, but it’s a crossover. Based on the plot of Titanic, the Titanic Challenge was created.

Some of the parts of the challenge might not make sense if you haven’t seen the classic title. 

However, you can still enjoy completing these tasks even if you aren’t a Titanic fan.

How to Complete the Titanic Challenge in BitLife

Among the Titanic challenges in bitlife are learning how to swim, cheating on your fiancé, becoming a n*de model, and surviving a shipwreck.

As Kate Winslet’s character Rose DeWitt Bukater does in Titanic, this is exactly what she does. As mentioned above, there are six parts to the challenge. 

Here are the steps to do each one.

Be a Female Named Rose

From the character creation screen, this one seems pretty simple. And your gender must be selected as Female. Also, choose a name for your character and name her Rose. 

Changing the last name in Roleplaying is also possible to make it more authentic. As a result, Rose DeWitt Bukater will be your character’s full name.

How to Complete the Titanic Challenge in BitLife: Become a swimmer

All you have to do to learn swimming is join the swimming club at your school. 

By visiting the gym and walking, you can increase your athleticism.

Make a living as a n*de art model

And you can get the job of n*de art model from the Occupation tab. 

It may take 1-2 years or more in-game to refresh the job titles if you don’t find any job offers at the time.

An affair with a fiancé

The first step toward cheating on your fiance in Bitlife is to get engaged to someone. 

Then you can find someone else to hook up with in the activities tab. The Titanic challenge in Bitlife will be completed for you if you complete this task.

How to Complete the Titanic Challenge in BitLife: Throw away a 5ct+ diamond

The only way to discard a 5ct+ diamond is to buy a ring from the Shopping tab and then discard it.

Survive a Shipwreck

Buying a boat and getting a boating license is the only way to survive a shipwreck. 

Until you get into an accident, you must repeat it into the ocean.

Final Words

After completing the above tasks, you will have successfully completed the Bitlife Titanic Challenge. 

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