Corpse Husband Face Reveal (2022 Update)

Corpse Husband Face Reveal: Youtube videos and innovative games have made Corpse Husband a household name. This incredible American personality has become a sensation for his horrifying face musk and horror games.

And, because of this, the entire world looks forward to seeing his face. His YouTube channel currently has 7.58 million subscribers.

Let’s know more about it.

Corpse Husband’s Face Reveal

His face has never been seen by the camera. Even so, his fans love everything he does, including videos and games. So, he remains a mystery to the rest of the world.

And, Corpse Husband is also a popular microblogger on Twitter in addition to YouTube. 3.7 million people follow him on Twitter. Therefore, it is apparent that the global audience acknowledges the talent of this highly secretive individual.

Check out these exciting details about Corpse Husband.

Who is Corpse Husband?

Corpse Husband and his friends have frequently been asked about their identities, so it’s no wonder he’s a little tired of it. His fans have used it, however, to have a little fun with him.

Corpse Husband claimed in January 2021 that his name was “Randall” when he was asked about it again. Randall grew up in Virginia, USA. In addition, he claimed he worked in an “automotive shop”. He then also said, “you’ll never find me.”.

However, we do know certain things about the “faceless” streamers. Like, we know, for instance, that he is 24 years old as of this writing. And, his birthplace is San Diego, California.

He has also carved out a successful career in music. He has had more than 200 million Spotify listens to his song “E-girls ARE RUINING MY LIFE” as well.

Moreover, he has acquired over 7.61 million YouTube subscribers. And, the corpse has also been quite open about many of his medical conditions.

But, this is what caused his voice to become affected. And, according to him, “he will soon be unable to stream.”

Corpse Husband’s identity has yet to be revealed, and there seems little chance of that occurring in the near future. But that hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of the most well-known faces in the community.

In an industry where it can seem as if everyone is watching, ‘faceless’ streamers like Corpse are proving that you can still keep some things private.

What does Corpse Husband Look Like?

No official face reveal has ever been made by Corporation Husband. He has, however, ‘leaked’ his appearance on social media on a number of occasions.

As an example, in September 2021 there was a picture circulating on Twitter that was supposed of the streamer. However, Corpse Husband did not comment on the alleged leak.

But, fans quickly defended him after being bombarded with “disgusting” comments labeling him “ugly”.

And, the image was also questioned by others due to the fact that the person in the image was inconsistent with other official photographs that Corpse Husband had posted on social media.

One fan alleged: “He said his hair was black and curly, and his hands didn’t match this person.”.

corpse husband face leak on twitter

Corpse Husband was initially only seen on YouTube in 2021 and 2020 during his interviews with Anthony Padilla. During his interview with Corpse in 2021, Corpse revealed that he has come close to being exposed several times.

Additionally, he stated that he has seen several “scary” pieces of fan art which accurately reflect his image. He also claimed that he was extremely self-conscious. And, this theme has also been recurring in his music.

When he posted a video to his official TikTok account in April 2022, we got our first glimpse of what he looks like. He recorded it for his brand-new song POLTERGEIST!.

His famous curls could be seen clearly in the shadows of the photo. He was also seen crouching down in the middle of the road later in the video.

This is the best look we have had at Corpse so far, even though his trademark mask and hand cover much of his face. The picture may suggest he’s gaining confidence in showing off his face in public.

But, the fact that Corpse’s identity is known in the streaming community may still be a while or even never for us.

Final Words

This is all about Corpse Husband Face Reveal. YouTube creator Corpse Husband is one whose face has been the topic of multiple controversies.

And, fans are hopeful that they will soon see the real face of the personality.

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