Dead by Daylight Codes (May 2022) (Working)

Dead by Daylight Codes: Survivors and Killers are pitted against each other in Dead by Daylight, an asymmetric horror game. The objective of the game is to complete your tasks before time runs out.

And, to power the gates, the survivors need to fix generators. By doing so, they can escape. Meanwhile, the killer must use a variety of perks and abilities to stop them.

Dbd Codes can be redeemed for cosmetics or Bloodpoints from time to time by the game’s developers. They serve as a kind of currency for the game.

Cosmetics can then be equipped to complete objectives in style. You can then spend those Bloodpoints on better perks to make your opponent’s life more difficult.

Dead by Daylight Codes – May 2022

On a regular basis, Behavior Interactive issues Dead by Daylight codes. This is a great thing.

You usually get free Bloodpoints when using a Dead by Daylight code. Bloodweb nodes can be unlocked with these points. Then perk slots are unlocked.

You can also build new characters with Bloodpoints, like Leon and Jill from Resident Evil. These work across all platforms. And, when special events take place, Behavior usually adds several new codes.

You can redeem charms or cosmetics for them sometimes. Dead By Daylight promo codes expire at the end of each month, like many in-game promo codes.

Some, however, expire when your rank resets. This occurs on the 13th of every month. And, we’ll specify which of those expire during this time.

Dead by Daylight Active Codes (Dbd Codes)

PRIDE2022—Redeem for a free Pride Charm (New)
PRIDE—Redeem code for a Rainbow Flag Pride Charm. (Permanent)
Nice—Redeem for 69 Bloodpoints (Permanent)

DBD Expired Codes

It is no longer possible to use these Dead By Daylight codes. You get an error message when you enter a code.

DBDTHEBOARDGAME – 200K Bloodpoints
RIVALSTH – 100k Bloodpoints
THISISACODE – 25,000 Bloodpoints
DBDWEBSITE – 25,000 Bloodpoints
CAISHEN – 88,888 blood points
LANTERNFESTIVAL – 15 rift fragments
LUCKYMONEY – 16,888 blood points
CIPHERSALAD – 150,000 Bloodpoints
HOLIDAYSPECIAL – 100,000 Bloodpoints
MORICHRISTMAS – 100,000 Bloodpoints
SEASONSBLEEDINGS – 100,000 Bloodpoints
HOHOHO – 100,000 Bloodpoints
DECIPHERSTRIKE – 150,000 Bloodpoints
INSERTCOIN – Arcade Machine charm
EASYASABC – 150,000 Bloodpoints
HENYANG – Ugly sweater for Adam
HOLIDAYFORMAL – Sweater for Felix
METATRON – Sweater for Cheryl
byebye2020 – Fruitcake charm for Killer
MNOGO – Sweater for Legion
FUKUHAUCHI – 100,000 Bloodpoints
TWITTERSMOL – 1 Bloodpoint
TWITTERLORGE – 100,000 Bloodpoints
happygoldenweek2021 – 30,000 Bloodpoints
KenpouKinenBi2021 – 40,000 Bloodpoints
midorinohi2021 – 60,000 Bloodpoints
KodomonoHi2021 – 50,000 Bloodpoints
AD800947-01A7-4DEF-81AD-40DDC501DE50 – 250,000 Bloodpoints and 1,000 Iridescent Shards
RANKROULETTE – 250,000 Bloodpoints
DWIGHTCROW – Scarecrow Dwight charm
FORHONOR – Redeem for For Honor’s Charm

How to Redeem Dead By Daylight Codes

Dead by Daylight codes can be redeemed by launching the game. Then, from the main menu, choose Store. And, you must then press Redeem Code on the right-hand side of the screen.

how to redeem dbd codes

Now, put the code in the text box exactly as you see it on our list above. You can claim your reward once you have entered it correctly.

At, last press Redeem once you are sure you have entered it correctly.

How to get Bloodpoints in DBD

In Dead by Daylight, bloodpoints are the main form of currency. The Blood Web allows players to purchase items and Perks using them.

You can earn Bloodpoints by playing the game as intended. After every round, you will receive varying amounts of bloodpoints based on how well you performed in each category.

Also, you can get Bloodpoints by using the developer’s codes.

Why is DBD code not working?

It is possible that one of the working codes listed above will not work for a variety of reasons. Most players encounter this problem when they enter the code differently than it appears above.

You can fix this by copying and pasting the code rather than manually entering it. You may also double-check your entry to ensure it is exactly the same as the code in our list.

It has also been reported that the codes do not work on Xbox Series X. But, luckily there has been a temporary fix suggested by some players.

To fix this issue the first letter should be capitalized. And, the remaining letters should all be lowercase.

Final Words

This is all about active dead by daylight codes. We have also listed steps to redeem dbd codes. We hope that you get the best rewards from these.

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