How to Add Delta Symbol (Δ) In Word & Excel

Do you want to know how to add delta symbol in word & excel?

This table provides a copy and paste option for adding the Delta symbol to your Word or Excel document. The shortcut and Alt codes are also included.

insert delta symbol

In Word, an Alt code (0394) must be entered before the Delta symbol appears.

To convert the code into the Delta symbol, select this code and press Alt+X.

All the information you need to insert this symbol into your Word document can be found in the above table.

Should you be unsatisfied with this quick overview, let us share a comprehensive guide on how to type delta in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

What is Delta Symbol?

Delta is in fourth place in the Greek alphabet. Delta is symbolized by the uppercase letter * and the lowercase letter δ.

As secondary keys on your keyboard, you can easily access some symbols. Then you can insert symbols like these easily. By pressing a few keys simultaneously.

The keyboard, however, is hard to use for some symbols. A good example of this is the symbol for Delta (Δ).

Typists who need to include these symbols regularly in their work find typing cumbersome.

The process does not have to be complicated. This guide will be particularly helpful for you for knowing about typing delta symbol.

Typing Delta symbol in Word/Excel

Throughout this section, I have demonstrated how easy it is to insert the Delta symbol (Δ) in Microsoft Word.

In this demonstration, I use an uppercase Delta symbol (Δ). The same method is also applicable for inserting the lowercase Delta symbol (δ).

The following sections provide a number of methods for inserting the Delta symbol in Word.

Method 1: Using Delta symbol Alt code

You can insert every Word symbol using its unique code. Codes like this are commonly called Alt codes.

In lowercase, 235 is the alt code and in uppercase, 30 is the alt code. Use the numeric keypad and hold down Alt while typing the alt code, then release the Alt key.

You can also insert the delta symbol Unicode into Microsoft Word in addition to using the alt code. Unicode is only supported by Word.

It is encoded as 0394 in Unicode.

Below is the method for typing the Delta symbol (using Unicode):

  • Insert the insertion pointer at the location where the symbol will appear.
  • By typing in the Alt code (0394)
  • Once you have converted the code to a Delta symbol, press Alt+X.

That’s all there is to it.

Word will convert the Delta symbols into the numbers when you press Alt+X after typing the code.

Method 2: Delta symbol Shortcut (MAC)

Mac users will find the keyboard shortcut for inserting the Delta symbol in MS Word most convenient.

On a Mac, you can shortcut Delta Symbol with Option+J. By pressing and holding the Option key at the same time as pressing the letter J on your keyboard, you can use this shortcut.

Method 3: Copy Pasting It

By simply copying and pasting symbols, you can easily add them to your documents.

If you already inserted it into your document, you can copy and paste it again.

A webpage or another source can be copied. Workplace documents such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can be created with this.

You can copy and paste the Delta symbol below if you wish:


The delta sign can be copied and pasted by clicking the button above.

Ctrl+C can also be used to copy the symbol printed above. Ctrl+V is all you need to do to paste it.

Method 4: Using Insert Symbol

As opposed to earlier methods, this approach is a little more complicated. It’s relatively simple, however.

You can always copy and paste the symbol into your document whenever you need it.

Using Word’s insert symbol dialog, here is how to insert a Delta symbol.

For Excel and PowerPoint, the process is the same.

  • Choose More Symbols under the Symbols tab.
  • Insert a symbol from the Symbols menu
  • You will see the Symbol menu when you click these few buttons.
  • Now you need to find the symbol you wish to insert.

In the Symbol dialog box, you can easily find the Delta symbol by looking in the bottom-right area and selecting Unicode (hex) in the form of a drop-down menu.

Next, select Greek and Coptic in the drop-down menu at the top right of the dialog.

You can also filter out all Greek symbols by putting a checkmark on the line.

  • Use the Symbols Dialog to find the symbol
  • Click Insert after selecting the symbol.
  • To insert a symbol, select it and click Insert
  • It is also possible to insert the symbol by double-clicking on it.
  • The symbol dialog box should be closed once the symbol has been inserted.

typing delta symbol in ms word

The Insert Symbol dialog box in Word can be used to insert the Delta symbol.

Method 5: AutoCorrect Feature in Word

In Word, the AutoCorrect feature can be used to obtain the Delta symbol.

The tool corrects spelling errors similar to these.

A shortcode can be applied using this feature (such as DELTASYM) to the Delta symbol.

So, Word will convert DELTASYM into the Delta symbol whenever you type DELTASYM.

This approach is interesting because it allows you to assign any code you like to the symbol and then Word will gladly give it to you anytime you type it in.

The following steps can guide you through typing a Delta symbol in Word with AutoCorrect.

  • You can find more symbols on the More Symbols tab of the Insert tab.
  • A symbol appears in the dialog box.
  • Select the Delta symbol by locating it and clicking it.
  • An autoCorrect dialog appears when you click the AutoCorrect button.
  • Select AutoCorrect from the dialogue box and enter the following:

With: Δ

how to insert delta sign

Click OK after adding.

The Delta symbol will be automatically inserted into your text every time you type DELTASYM in Word.

You should, however, keep these things in mind when inserting the Delta symbol via AutoCorrect.

  • Case sensitivity applies to AutoCorrect. Thus, if you type deltasym (in lowercase), Word will not change it to the Delta symbol until you type DELTASYM (in uppercase).
  • The AutoCorrect text will not be converted into the Delta symbol if there is text before or after it. A DELTASYM will not get converted, but a DELTASYM will get converted to a Δ.

Method 6: Using Symbol Type Face

Microsoft has a typeface called symbol in its font list.

This typeface contains the entire Greek alphabet without accents and a bunch of common math symbols.

The Greek alphabet is converted into English letters when you type in this font.

Typing the English alphabet’s fourth letter (D) will give you the Delta symbol, as the Delta symbol is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet.

D (in English) = Delta (Δ) (in Greek)

The letter D will be transformed into a delta symbol when highlighted and applied the symbol typeface.

When printing a document, you should only consider using the Delta symbol typeface approach.

This method cannot be used if it is to be published online, copied, and pasted into another program.

How to Add Delta Symbol in Word – Video Tutorial

This was about how to add delta symbol in word & excel.

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