Desert Zone Wars Map Codes (2022)

Among the most popular creative Fortnite maps are the Desert Zone Wars Map Codes 2022.

Players compete in realistic late-game battles on these maps. Desert Zone Wars is one of the most well-known Zone Wars maps. And, its atmosphere and structures are best described as desert-themed.

The code for Desert Zone Wars is 7385-7056-1889. Activate the code and enjoy your game.

Desert Zone Wars Map Codes

You must have heard of Desert Zone Wars if you’ve been playing Fortnite for some time now. It is a popular game mode among many players.

This type of zone is popular due to the fact that players can test their skills in a desert-themed environment.

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Active Fortnite Desert Zone Wars Map Codes

DESERT ZONE WARS: 9700-3224-6429: It has even been featured on Epic Games. JOTAPEGAME developed it.

The map is also known as Desert Zone Wars 1.0. The storms on the map are real. You should definitely give this map a shot if you want to try out the Desert Zone Wars map.

Sahara Desert Zone Wars Refresh: 1434-8021-7042: An updated and remastered version of the original Sahara Desert Zone Wars map is available here.

Fans of that map will surely enjoy this one as well. And, even if you were not able to play the previous version, now would be a perfect time.

Desert Zone Wars 2.0: 2933-9455-4583: A new look at the desert zone wars theme. Comparing this map with the previous ones, it is more vibrant.

So, if you are looking for desert zone maps, you will not be able to find this if you miss it.

How to Use Desert Zone Wars Map Codes?

It is easy to use Fortnite Desert Zone Codes. Moreover, they are redeemable. We have outlined every step here.

1. Firstly, launch Fortnite.

2. Then, make your way to the lobby.

3. And, click the island code tab at the top of the menu.

4. Now, make a copy of the code 7385-7056-1889. And, paste it into the redemption section.

5. Then, confirm. And redeem the code

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