Best Ways to Type Divide by Symbol (÷) in Word

You can copy and paste the Divide By symbol (÷) into your Word document (or Project) by following the directions in the image below. Both Mac and Windows users can use the Alt code and keyboard shortcuts.

On a keyboard, the Divide By (÷) shortcut is accessed by holding down the Alt key.

Press the Alt key while continuing to hold the Alt code (0247) on the numeric keypad.

In order to add the division sign to a Word document, all that is needed is the above information.

You can, however, read more about inserting the Divide By symbol, or any other symbol in Word, below.

The second key on the keyboard contains a few symbols. It is easy to insert such symbols into your work by pressing several keys at once.

Keyboard shortcuts aren’t easy to use for other symbols, however. The division sign (÷) is one of these symbols.

When typists need to insert these symbols often into their work, it becomes a little cumbersome for them.

There’s no need to worry about it being challenging. Particularly since you are reading this article.

How to Type Divide By Symbol in Word

Here is a tutorial that shows you how to insert the Divide By symbol (÷) into Word.

You can insert the division sign in Word using the following methods.

Method 1: Using Divide symbol Alt code

divide by symbol altcode

To insert a symbol into a document in Word, you need to enter its unique code.

Codes such as this are commonly referred to as “Alt code”.

A symbol for “divide by” is coded as 0247.

You can type the division symbol with the Alt key (using the key code) by following these steps:

Turn on your Num Lock by pressing the number lock key. It can be enabled on laptops that do not have a numeric keypad using the Fn key and NumLk key.

Keep the [Alt] key pressed and type [0247] onto the numeric keypad.

Divide symbol’s alphanumeric code is 0247.

Hold down the [Alt] key and release it. Your document should display the Division (*) symbol.

Method 2: Divide by Symbol in Mac

how to type division sign in mac

In Mac, use the following keyboard shortcut to insert the Divide By symbol:

Option + /

Method 3: Copy Pasting the Divide by Symbol

A simple copy and paste will allow you to incorporate symbols into your document.

If you have already inserted it, you can copy it and paste it again. The symbol can also be copied from a website or another source.

If you would like to copy and paste the Divide By sign into your work, please find it below:


Method 4: Insert Symbol Dialog Box

A more complex approach is required for this process. But it’s pretty straightforward.

It is always possible to copy and paste the symbol again whenever necessary once it has been inserted into your document.

In Word, using the symbol dialog box, these are the steps to insert the Divide By symbol or some other symbols like Approximately Equal Symbol.

  • Select More Symbols under the Symbol button on the Insert tab.

insert divide symbol in ms excel

You will see the dialog box for Symbol after a few clicks. We now need to locate the symbol we’d like to insert.

  • You will need to locate the symbol.

When you are viewing the Symbol dialog box, you can easily find the division symbol by looking at the bottom right area and selecting Unicode (hex) from the drop-down list.

Once again, select Latin-1 Supplement from the drop-down list at the top right corner of the dialog.

how to type division symbol

You will need to insert a Divide By symbol from the Latin-1 Supplement symbol set.

inserting symbols

  • In the Symbols dialogue box, look for the Divide by the symbol
  • Click Insert after selecting the symbol.
  • Click on the Insert button after selecting the Division sign
  • It is also possible to insert the symbol by double-clicking on it.
  • Symbols should be closed after inserting.

The Insert Symbol dialog box in Word can be used to insert the Divide By symbol by following these steps.

Method 5: Using Word AutoCorrect

Word’s AutoCorrect feature can also be used for obtaining the Divide By symbol.

This is a tool designed for resolving spelling errors such as these.

Divide By shortcodes can be assigned to this feature.

This will be the case whenever you type the text DIVS as Word will interpret the text DIVS as the Divide By symbol.

Normally the symbol would be inserted regardless of the code you type, but in this method, you can assign any code you like.

To type a Divide By symbol using AutoCorrect in Word, follow the steps below.

  • Click Symbol and then More Symbols under the Insert tab…
  • The symbol appears in the dialog box.
  • The division sign is selected in the Symbols dialog box
  • Select the Divide By symbol by clicking on it.
  • AutoCorrect will appear once you click on the AutoCorrect button.

Select AutoCorrect from the AutoDictionary dialog box and enter the following:

Replace: DIVS
With: ÷

autocorrect inserting symbol

  • Click OK after adding.
  • Whenever you type DIVS in Word, a Divide By symbol will automatically be added to your document.

Below are a couple of things to keep in mind when inserting the Divide By sign with the AutoCorrect method.

  • The case is taken into account when using AutoCorrect. Word will ignore divs (in lowercase) unless you enter DIVS (in uppercase).
  • Word will not convert AutoCorrect text to the division symbol if there is any text before or after it. So, XDIVS won’t be converted, but X DIVS will be transformed into X ÷.

Final Words

These are the different ways you can insert a division sign or divide by symbol into Word, whether you are using the keyboard or not.

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