Best Ways to Type E with Two Dots (ë) or Umlaut

We will cover several ways you can use to input the ‘e’ in MS Word with two dots (ë). This article on how to type e with two dots or umlaut will help you out.

The letter (ë) on top of the umlaut represents an e-diaeresis, as is the line above it.

You shouldn’t be confused by umlauts, they’re the same as the two dots.

Umlauts (two dots) are diacritical marks used in German to indicate changes in sound.

Let’s get right to it without further ado.

How to Type E with Two Dots (ë) or Umlaut

Several quick facts about the umlaut or e with two dots are provided in the table below.

Whether you’re using Windows, Mac, or MS Word, you’ll get the correct name and keyboard shortcut.

There is also an Alt-Code in it.

In Windows, you can use the Alt Code to type the letter ‘e with two dots’ using the numeric keypad.

You have to press Alt+0235 in order to insert it.

In addition to the Alt-Code, Windows users can use Ctrl+: then e as a shortcut for the letter E.

Using the keyboard, press Ctrl-Shift-: simultaneously, followed by the letter e to type the ‘e with an umlaut’ letter in Microsoft Word.

The e-diaeresis will be typed for you with this technique.

On a Mac, write this letter by pressing Option+U simultaneously, then insert it into Work by pressing the letter e.

The shortcuts listed above are the easiest and most reliable ways to insert the e with two dots in your work.

You can find a step-by-step guide below if you aren’t satisfied with our quick help – ‘*’.

Typing e with Two Dots

Using the keyboard, you can type several special symbols in Microsoft Word.

In-text (C) you can enter the copyright symbol, and let AutoCorrect insert everything else.

On most keyboards, a second key allows access to additional symbols and characters.

You can type @ on your keyboard by pressing Shift+2.

The keyboard however makes it difficult to type some characters.

If you want to write this e with two dots or an umlaut, you need to use Word’s symbols.

Or you can use alt code ‘e with a dot’. In the upcoming sections, we’ll look at how we can do that.

What is ë with two Dots?

The character might be confusing to you. Rather than typing it, first, let’s make sure we understand what it means.

To the best of my knowledge, this character (ë) can only be referred to as a letter in some languages.

If you want to read more then you can check out this article. You’re welcome.

It’s now time for the next section.

Method 1: Ë Alt Code

E with two dots is represented by the alt code 0235.

You can type it using this code in Windows:

  • Enable numeric input. If your laptop does not have a numeric keypad, use the Fn key along with NumLk to turn on Num Lock.
  • Type [0235] from the numeric keypad (on the right) when holding down the [Alt] key. For an e with two dots, use the alt code 0235.

Now release the [Alt] key. In your document, e should be written with an umlaut (*).

Method 2: Copy and Paste ë

The e with two dots, which has already been present in your document, can be copied and pasted, as well as the symbol library and alternative codes.

It can also be copied from another website.

I have copied and pasted it below for your convenience:


How to Insert e with two dots in Word

Using the Word symbol library, you can insert an e with an umlaut.

Follow this line, Insert→Symbols→Symbol→More Symbols.

umlaut symbol in word

You will see the Symbol menu when you click these few buttons.

We now need to track down the e with two dots.

Locate the e with an umlaut in the symbols library by scrolling down or up. Click Insert after selecting it.

how to type umlaut in excel/word

The character can also be inserted by double-clicking it.

Once you have inserted the symbol in your document, you do not have to repeat all these steps in the future.

If you already have one inserted, you can just copy and paste it.

How to Type Umlaut in Word/Excel – Video Tutorial

This was how to type e with two dots or umlaut in ms word, excel, etc. I hope this article would have provided you the information which you were looking for.

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