Easily Type Em Dash (—) in Word | Shortcut Method

In the English language, You will find three types of dashes. Em dash (—) or long dash is one of the. And today we will see how to type em dash in word, excel, PowerPoint, etc.

How to Type Em Dash in Word

You can copy and paste the em dash symbol into your Word document (or Project) by following the directions in the image below.

Both Mac and Windows users can use the em dash Alt code and keyboard shortcuts.

em dash typing in ms word

On a keyboard, the em dash or long dash shortcut is accessed by holding down the Alt key.

Press the Alt key while continuing to hold the Alt code (0151) on the numeric keypad.

In order to add the long dash sign to a Word document, all that is needed is the above information.

You can, however, read more about inserting the em dash, or any other symbol in Word, below.

The second key on the keyboard contains a few symbols. It is easy to insert such symbols into your work by pressing several keys at once.

Keyboard shortcuts aren’t easy to use for other symbols, however. The em dash is one of these symbols.

When typists need to insert these symbols often into their work, it becomes a little cumbersome for them.

There’s no need to worry about it being challenging. Particularly since you are reading this article.

Method 1: Insert em dash in Word using Alt Code

0151 is the alt code for the em dash symbol.

There is no dedicated key on the keyboard for the ‘em dash’ symbol.

Using the Alt Numpad input method, also known as the Alt code input method, you can easily type this symbol on a Windows PC.

Upon entering (0151), press and hold the Alternate key as you type the approximate equal symbol.

On Windows OS, this method can be used in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Even so, you will need a numerical keypad for your PC. You won’t be able to enter numbers if your keyboard lacks a numeric keypad.

Use the Alt Code method to type this symbol:

  • The insertion pointer should be placed where the symbol is needed.
  • Your keyboard’s Alt key should be held down.
  • Press the symbol’s alt code (0151) while holding down the Alt key. Type the alt code using the numeric keypad.
  • Using this method may not work if your laptop does not have a numeric keypad. If you press Fn+NmLk on the keyboard, you can access the hidden numeric keypad.
  • In order to insert the em dash Symbol into your word document, release the Alt key once the numeric keypad
  • numbers have been entered.

This is how the Alt Code method allows you to type the em dash symbol on Windows.

Method 2: Em Dash Shortcut for Windows

Here are the instructions for typing this em dash shortcut.

The numeric keypad on your keyboard should be placed as follows:

  • While pressing the Ctrl key and the Alt key, hold them both together.
  • On the right-hand side of the keyboard, press the Minus key.

Use the following instructions if you do not have a separate numeric keypad on your keyboard:

  • Press Fn + NumLk together to activate Num Lock.
  • Use the numeric keypad to locate the Minus key.
  • The em dash in your Word document can be typed in by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Minus.

typing em dash using shortcut

In this case, the minus key will not work before the equal sign key. It only works when the minus key is pressed on the numeric keypad.

Method 3: Em Dash Shortcut for MAC

Here is a shortcut for typing em dashes in Word when using a Mac.

Command (⌘) + M

You can type this sign on your Mac by holding down the Command (⌘) key while hitting M.

All of the above shortcuts work in Word.

Continuing reading will provide you with more options.

Method 4: Typing Em Dash using AutoFormat in Word

You can type certain characters into your document and MS Word will automatically format them.

The Em dash can be typed into your document using this feature. You just need to follow these instructions:

  • Enter a word. After the word, do not type any space.
  • You need to follow that with two hyphens.
  • There should be no space between these hyphens or after them either.
  • The second word is to be typed.
  • You now need to type a space.

The two hyphens will convert to em-dashes as soon as you press the space bar.

Method 5: Copy & Paste Em Dash Symbol

Using my favorite method, copy and paste is another easy way to insert the em dash Symbol.

No matter if you are using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, this option works everywhere.

You just need to copy the symbol from somewhere, such as the character map on a Windows computer, and then paste it wherever you need it.

We can copy and paste the symbol into our document.

You can copy it by pressing Ctrl+C and switch to where you want to paste it by pressing Ctrl+V.

Method 6: Type em dash using Insert Symbol Dialog Box

A more complex approach is required for this process. But it’s pretty straightforward.

It is always possible to copy and paste the symbol again whenever necessary once it has been inserted into your document.

In Word, using the symbol dialog box, these are the steps to insert the em dash symbol or some other symbols like long dash Symbol.

  • Select More Symbols under the Symbol button on the Insert tab.
  • You will see the dialog box for Symbol after a few clicks.
  • We now need to locate the symbol we’d like to insert.

insert long dash in word

When you are viewing the Symbol dialog box, you can easily find the em dash symbol by looking at the top right area and selecting general punctuation from the drop-down list.

typing em dash in ms word

  • Now, in the Symbols dialogue box, look for the em dash.
  • Click Insert after selecting the symbol.
  • It is also possible to insert the symbol by double-clicking on it.

The Insert Symbol dialog box in Word can be used to insert the em dash by following these steps.

Method 7: Type Em Dash using your own Shortcut

A keyboard shortcut allows you to easily type the em dash in Word.

The shortcut can only be used by you this way.

Despite being a simple method, some setup needs to be done in advance.

Setting up your own shortcut only needs to be done once before you can begin using it.

In Word, you can set up your own shortcut for using the em dash using these methods:

  • Select the Insert tab
  • More Symbols can be found by clicking the Symbol button
  • The dialog box for the Symbol appears.
  • In the library of symbols, locate an em dash symbol.
  • Select General Punctuation from the drop-down list at the top right corner of the window to locate this symbol.
  • The em dash sign can be selected by clicking on it.
  • Select Shortcut Key from the menu.

A window called Customize Keyboard will appear.

  • The new shortcut key should be entered in this box.
  • Here, I will use Ctrl+E+M as an em dash shortcut.
  • The em dash will therefore always appear whenever I press these keys.
    Once you’ve assigned it, click the Assign button.

That’s all there is to it. Your shortcut has been added to Word successfully.

You can type these keys to insert your em dash into any Word document whenever you need it.

Final Words

These are the different ways you can type em dash into Word, whether you are using the keyboard or not.

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