FMWhatsApp APK Download for Android

FMWHATSApp is one of the modified WhatsApps made specifically with additional interesting features. You can try using this whatsapp modification that offers many interesting features. The fmwhatsapp apk provides new colours for you who want to use standard WhatsApp features.

fm whatsapp apk
fm whatsapp apk

There are many interesting features that you can use by using this FMWHATSAPP application.

Advantages of Fmwhatsapp

1. Download friend status

The first interesting feature in FM WA is that you can download friends status without other additional applications. If you like pictures or videos posted by friends you can immediately save them.

How to download status from a friend is very easy, which is just pressing the download button on the bottom right. The image or video you download will be stored immediately in the gallery and you can directly share or just be stored.

2. Send message wa without saving numbers

If you use the standard WhatsApp you have to save a number first not if you want to send a message? Using FM wa you don’t need to save a number first if you want to send a message.

This application provides a menu to directly send a message with a number. Ways to send messages directly by using a very easy number. You can also call the number by selecting the call menu.

3. Application Key

Locking the application can indeed be done with the default setting of mobile phones. However, this setting locks the application globally instead of locking personal chat. With this fm wa you can lock the chat that is very personal.

This application provides a key chat feature personally so only you can read the chat. To lock your chat it’s easy, select the Fouad Mod menu then select the password. Just set the key to using the PIN or Fingerprint.

4. Change the font

The latest FMWHATSAPP provides additional features in the form of replacement fonts for typing. If you are bored with the type of font then you can change it to a more interesting font form. The way to change this font is very easy you just stay into the fmwhatsapp apk menu then select the universal menu.

In the Universal menu, there is a Style menu you just select the menu and select the font to use. There are many interesting and good font choices that you can use.

5. Eliminate the Blue Check

Want to look like not reading chat but actually read the chat? You can also turn off the blue check using fm whatsapp apk. This feature will make chat from your communication opponent still tick grey even though you have read.

You can set whether it will still check grey or it will turn blue after you reply. To set this feature you can choose the Mods menu then check the Show Blue Stick After Reply.

6. Change the emoticon shape

If you are bored with the form of emoticons then you can change the form of emoticons with FM WA. There are many choices of emoticons that you can use, even older version emoticons also exist.

To change the shape of the emoticon you must enter the fmwhatsapp apk menu then select Universal. On this menu select mods and select the emoticon shape you want to use.

7. WhatsApp Themes

Other features of this WA mode is to can change themes according to your wishes. FM WhatsApp APK provides many interesting themes that you can use at will. The way to change this theme is very easy you just stay into Mods then select Yo Theme. Here there are many unique and good theme choices, you can also modify existing themes.

8. Disable Last seen

You don’t want anyone knowing when you’re online WhatsApp? With FM wa you can eliminate the last information seen. You will only look online when you open and reply to chat.

How to activate this feature is very easy, select Mod then select Privacy. On this Privacy menu, you have to check the FREEZE last SEEN menu. Automatically the last statement that is seen will disappear.

9. Message key feature

WhatsApp Mod Version FM WA has an interesting feature that is unable to delete or forward the message. You can set the message that you send cannot be forwarded to others to keep the privacy.

You can even see the message previously removed by the sender. To activate this feature you still have to choose the Mod menu then select Privacy. You can check the anti delete messages so that the message cannot be removed and forwarded.

10. See other friends’ activities

The most interesting feature of the modified WhatsApp application is seeing the activities carried out by friends. You can see what activities you do through WhatsApp includes dates and hours if he is online or replacing photos.

To see the activity of another friend, you can immediately select your friend number then select the sign + in the lower right corner. Some menu will appear in the form of paper to see your friend’s activities.


These were some of the most amazing features of fmwhatsapp apk.


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