Heardle Archive: Play Older Games (Easy)

Do you know about Heardle Archive: Play Older Games?

Heardle, which takes Wordle’s concept and gives it a musical twist, became popular after Wordle’s explosive popularity. Here’s how to access the archive of Heardle if you just discovered this music intro/song guessing game and want to play the older puzzles.

Let us take a look at Heardle Archive: Play Older Games

Heardle Archive – Play Older Games

Turning back time by changing system time is one method that never fails when it comes to playing older Wordle or its variants. And for players to try their hands at older games, system time has been around long before all kinds of archives served Wordle game addicts with the drop of saving water.

Fortunately, Heardle is among those variants for which the method works. Also, Changing the system time on your PC or mobile phone and loading the game page is all you need to play Heardles Past. Here’s how it’s done.

Games (Archive) on PC

In order to access older games on PCs and iOS/Android phones, date and time settings need to be changed.

Heardle Archive: Play Older Games

1. Type Date in the Start menu of your Windows PC.

2. You should be taken to the Date & Time Settings. And the Start Menu also has a Settings option. Then Select Time & Language. After that, select Date & Time.

3. Toggle off Set Time Automatically now.

4. Select Manually set the date and time. And hit the Change button.

5. Delete the current date and replace it with a previous one. Also, make a date 20 April 2022 instead of 21 April 2022 if the date is 21 April 2022. Click on Change to confirm.

6. It should be possible for you to hear a different song’s intro if you follow these steps.

7. Keep changing the dates to older ones to listen to and guess older songs.

Heardle Archive: Play Older Games

Play Past Games (Archive) on Mobile

In order to change the date and time on mobile devices, follow these steps:


There may be some differences in the process, but the overall steps will remain the same.

1. Go to Settings and search for Date.

2. Select Date & Time (in System Settings).

3. Disable the option to set time automatically.

4. Choose a past date.

5. Listen to the intro of the song on the Heardle website.


1. Click on Settings. Select General. Date & Time should be selected.

2. Turn off the slider for Set Automatically.

3. The date should be changed to an older one.

4. You can listen to the intro of the song on the Heardle website.

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