How Tall Is Sundrop In FNAF (Updated)

Do you know How Tall Is Sundrop In FNAF?

As a result of a viral TikTok, Five Nights At Freddy’s fans have been attempting to determine the height of the Sundrop in FNAF: Security Breach.

In addition to estimates ranging from 5′ 7″ to 9′ 4″, Sundrop’s height has been the subject of a lot of speculation among fans.

A player-friendly animatronic antagonist, Sun/Moon is affectionately called Sundrop. And this is the tenth installment of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

When the lights are on, the character appears as the sun, while when the lights are off, he appears as the moon.

But Moondrop is aggressive, whereas Sundrop is friendly. Let us see, how tall is sundrop in FNAF:

How Tall Is Sundrop In FNAF

There have been very positive reviews for the new installment of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, FNAF Security Breach.

And new characters have been introduced to fans of the franchise, as well as some returning characters.

The Sun at the Daycare is one of many terrifying entities that Gregory encounters in the FNAF Security Breach.

In FNAF Security Breach, many are curious about how tall Sundrop/Moondrop and Gregory are.

Let us help you find the answer you’re looking for.

How Tall is Sundrop/Moondrop in FNAF Security Breach?

How Tall Is Sundrop In FNAF

An ‘alter ego’ of the Moon exists within the Sundrop, a daycare assistant. Also, the height of this man is estimated between 6 ft 88 cm and 7 ft 76 cm.

In addition to wearing a sun head, striped pants, and long legs, Sundrop also dresses like a jester or clown.

But, a slight hunch can be seen in his posture. Also, when he stands straight, he would easily be able to reach 7 feet.

However, the developers have not yet confirmed his height. As of right now, all of this is just speculation.

With the Moondrop version, the features are activated when the lights go out.

And a glowing red-eyed moon becomes a much creepier antagonist when that happens.

As Moondrop’s body remains the same, his height remains the same.

And it is estimated that he is between 6 and 7 feet tall.

How Tall is Gregory in FNAF Security Breach?

How Tall Is Sundrop In FNAF

According to Gregory’s behavior, logical thinking, and physical features, he is between the ages of 10 and 12; approximately 4.5 feet (137.16 cm) is estimated to be his height.

And, his description of himself as a ‘short boy’ implies that he is short.

Again, this is merely speculation from the community and has not been confirmed by the developers.

Final Words

We hope this answers your questions concerning the height of Sundrop and Moondrop, as well as Gregory, in the FNAF Security Breach.

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