How To Become A Rapper in BitLife

The career paths available in BitLife are diverse. And you can choose to become a famous rapper as one of your goals. Also, you must dedicate a lot of time and effort to your talent in order to succeed. 

Your character’s talents need to be nurtured early on. But it’s easier to get into them after high school, especially if you’ve been out of school for a while. Also, a guide to becoming a famous rapper is provided in this article. 

Rapper careers do not exist. And you can, however, produce a rap album with your character.

How To Become A Rapper in BitLife

As a solo artist, you must record rap albums to become a rapper in Bitlife. And it is important to start practicing your musical instrument at an early age to achieve this. 

You should also take voice lessons if you want to become a singer. Also you can do this by selecting the Activities tab. And go to the Mind & Body section and click on it. 

Until you graduate from high school, practice every year. It is possible to master both singing and instrument if you practice them every year until the age of 18.

After you reach the age of 18, you can apply to record labels to become a solo singer. Your chances of being selected can be improved if you reapply. It is also possible to increase your chances by taking a Music Major. 

If you are lucky, it is possible to land a record contract in the Rap genre. To become a solo rapper, you simply need to keep making albums in the Rap genre. In Bitlife, there are no other ways to become a rapper.

Information about the genre, advance, royalty rate, and terms will be included in the contract offered by the record label.

Here, you can select only contracts that include Rap as a genre. By appearing on talk shows and other events related to music, you will be able to promote your album. 

It will also be possible for you to conduct concerts and perform live to make money and gain fame.

Final Words

We reach the end part of the article. And hope you got the entire information about the topic.

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