How To Change Theme On PS5 (Easy)

Do you know how to change theme on PS5?

With PS5’s new UI, gamers can play games more smoothly and access major features instantly.

Adding new wallpapers and themes to the PlayStation home screen is important feature users look for.

And this feature is available on PS4; users can download and apply themes instantly through the PS Store. 

In addition, they can set a custom wallpaper or apply a custom theme. Is there a way to change the theme on the new PS5 console? 

This article will provide a detailed explanation of this feature.

How To Change Theme On PS5?

The home screen of the PS5 is dynamic. When a game is selected, the background of the screen changes. Also, you will see a unique background screen if you select Spider-Man Miles Morales. 

When you choose Last of Us Part 2, the same changes apply. But the PS5 theme is dynamic by default. Also, one of the reasons the console does not provide any customization settings is this.

We have yet to see a direct option for downloading or installing themes in any of the UIs we have seen. But such an option may be added via an update in the future. 

No themes are available when you scan all PS5 items under the PlayStation store. Or, Games from popular franchises can be found under PS4 exclusive themes.

There is a thin menu at the bottom of the console’s screen. But it is completely different from the PS4 UI, where the top center is dominated by thumbnails of game icons. 

With this new UI, more content is displayed and fewer buttons are used. And some users may find this a little confusing, however.

PS5 aims to give users an immersive experience through its new user interface. Users will be glued to the console with dynamic backgrounds, instant tips, smooth navigation, etc. 

A lot of information about PS5 will be updated shortly. 

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