How To Find Roblox Player User ID

Do you know how to find Roblox player user ID?

This is your unique Roblox User ID, also known as your Player ID. And you cannot change it unless you create a new account. 

When you share your ID with a friend, they will land directly on your profile without searching for you.

Also, where can I find my Roblox Player ID on my PC or mobile device (iOS, Android)?

And you can easily get it by following these simple steps.

How To Find Roblox Player User ID


Roblox User IDs can be obtained by PC users in the following way.

  1. Visit the Roblox website. And make sure you’re logged in.

  1. On the top right, click your Profile Picture.
  1. And your profile will be opened.
  1. Go to your browser and check your URL. Also, this is what it should look like: Roblox User or Player ID like 2609728511 is yours.

How To Find Roblox Player User ID: On Mobile (Android, iOS)

You will not be able to view the Player ID directly on your Android or iOS device if you are using the Roblox Mobile app.

In order to check the URL, you will need to log into Roblox on your phone through your browser.

  1. Use any browser on your phone to access

  1. If you want to continue in the browser, rather than in the app, tap on Continue in the browser.
  1. You will need your username and password to log in to Roblox. Also, alternatively, you can use Quick Login.
  1. You can then tap on your profile picture at the top. And in the mobile browser, tap on the URL.
  1. There will be a number displayed right there. Now copying it is now easier than ever.

Final Words

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