How To Use Incantations In Elden Ring?

Do you know how to use Incantations In Elden Ring?

One of the most extensive classes in Elden Ring is its wide variety of weapons and spells.

An incantation is a mechanic that can both harm and heal other players.

It consists of a series of magical words that perform different effects on enemies. And a sacred seal is equipped with these incantations.

As a Dark Souls veteran, you’ll recognize that Incantations resemble Miracles and Pyromancy.

Since they offer both buffs and debuffs to other players. Let’s take a look at how to use incantations in Elden Ring.

How To Use Incantations In Elden Ring

How To Use Incantations In Elden Ring

It is necessary to equip a Sacred seal in Elden Ring before you can use Incantations. As weapons, sacred seals have Incantations as their ammunition.

When you complete an objective, you will receive Sacred Seals that you can either purchase or get. In addition to incantations, seals also have a connection to faith.

Visit the Roundtable Hold to purchase an incantation and a seal. And, the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable hold will sell you Finger’s seal for 800 runes.

Incantations can be purchased from Brother Corhyn. With the Sacred Seal and the incantation, you are ready to begin. And, the next step is to visit the Site of Grace.

The menu will offer you different options when you rest on the site. Also, the incantation can be memorized by selecting Memorize spell.

You will then be able to access the Equipment section. Also, make sure a Sacred seal is equipped.

And the seals can be conjured and incanted once they are equipped.

Check out the list at the end to find out which classes have Sacred Seals available to them.

Classes that have Sacred Seals

Every class has a unique attribute that represents it in Elden Ring. In comparison with other classes, it is obvious that strength-based classes like Hero have boosted strength attributes.

Additionally, some classes can begin by casting spells and incantations.

Since Prophets and Confessors can use Incantations when they begin, they are Prophet and Confessor classes.

There is a healing buff for the Prophet and the Confessor classes that increases the health of allies.

Moreover, they can also debuff their opponents offensively.

As soon as both classes begin, Finger’s Seal can be obtained. For those in the Prophet class, Clawmark Seal is an exclusive weapon.

Once you have completed a test, you will be able to purchase a different class from Gatekeeper Gostoc. In addition, you can get it from Beastial Clergyman after feeding him a Deathroot.

Final Words

All right, that’s it for how to use incantations in Elden Ring.

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