Idle Angels Tier List (2022) (Best List)

Find the best characters in Idle Angels Tier List 2022. Your enemies will be destroyed in Idle Angels if you use the best characters.

Build up your angel collection and upgrade them. Then battle your friends. Your angels will fight even when you are not online.

As a result, you’ll be able to get diamonds and tools easily. Also, match the right angel with the right skill. And, put on the appropriate gear.

So, let’s start building our “invincible fleet” with our knowledge. Idle Mode, Battle System, Adventure, Fairy Collection, Training, and Awakening are available. There are also encounters, arenas, and guilds to keep you busy.

Idle Angels Tier List

Idol Angels features a variety of characters. Characters have unique abilities and stats which make them useful in a variety of situations.

Tier lists are based on the roles they play. So, we have a guide that will assist you with choosing the character for each role in Idle Angels.

Idle Angels Tier List – All-round

PvP Arena / Glory Arena / Clash of Titans / PvE Sky-tower / Star Trial / PvE World Boss

Tier S: Icarus, Hera, Ra, Cupid, Chaos, Heimdall
Tier A: Hades, Erebus, Valkyrie, Gaia, Amaterasu, Michael, Main Angel
Tier B: Zhu Rong, Izu Dancer, Odin, Xmas Angel, Fuxi, Lucifer, Hephaestus
Tier C: Izanami, Pandora, Nuit, Princess Bari, Nemesis, Medusa, Shennong

Idle Angels Tier List – Tankers

Angels good (front line position from 1 to 3)

Tier S: Heimdall, Erebus
Tier A: Hades, Lucifer, Main Angel, Chaos, Michael, Valkyrie
Tier B: Hephaestus, Gaia, Cupid, Hera, Izu Dancer
Tier C: Fuxi, Jeanne d’Arc, Nemesis, Geb, Raphael, Sif, Anubis, Nephthys

Idle Angels Tier List – Healers/Buffers

All characters that are in a Buffers or Healers team.

Tier S: Hera, Cupid, Nuwa
Tier A: Xmas Angel, Izu Dancer, Main Angel
Tier B: Hephaestus, Poseidon
Tier C: Nephthys, Raphael

Idle Angels Tier List – Niche Versus Dungeon Boss

Bosses are not affected (any d-buffs).

Tier S: Ra, Cupid, Hera, Heimdall
Tier A: Icarus, Hades, Lucifer, Gaia, Erebus, Odin, Valkyrie, Main Angel
Tier B: Hephaestus, Princess Bari, Izanami
Tier C: Idun, Phantasos, Jeanne d’Arc, Medusa, Nike, Geb, Belldandy, Xiwangmu, Anubis, Apep

Idle Angels Tier List – Niche Versus Guild Boss

Bosses that can be affected (debuffs like Ignite & Poison).

Tier S: Ra, Lucifer, Siren, Icarus, Odin
Tier A: Zhu Rong, Hades, Heimdall, Valkyrie, Main Angel
Tier B: Gaia, Nike, Princess Bari, Xiwangmu, Izanami, Tsukuyomi
Tier C: Apep, Lilith, Sif

Some Important Tips

Before playing, we suggest you read all the instructions. This will help you improve your gaming experience. The game focuses on collecting and upgrading Angels (sexy Angels). You can also play against your friends.

Idle System: Combat automatically even if you’re offline. It’ll be handled by your angels.

Equiment: You can get gems easily as well as a lot of equipment options. Therefore, you do not have to buy them from the shop.

Battle Strategy: The key is creating your own strategy, choosing the right angles, and matching the right skills. It’s also important to choose the right equipment.

Tons of gameplay: The idle mode, the fighting system, the adventure tasks, and the Angel collecting, training, and awakening features. It is a fully developed game. You can also participate in guild wars and PVP matches.

Friendship: You’ll play with your friends. The game allows you to do so. So, play with your friends and beat them in PVP.

The Gacha game really pushes you to buy things. It is also possible to build an adequate team if you take your time. And, when you do, you can go a long way; rather quickly.

Final Words

This is all about idle angels tier list. We hope that you liked our article. Do comment your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks for visiting.

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