Marvel Strike Force Tier List (2022)

The Marvel Strike Force Tier List includes all your favorite Marvel characters.

The turn-based RPG Marvel Strike Force was released in March 2018. Immediately after the game was released, long-time fans began downloading it.

This resulted in Marvel Strike Force’s first-year sales of around $150M. And, as the game features a distinct cast of characters and is straightforward, this is not surprising.

Marvel Strike Force Tier List

The game takes place in the Marvel Universe, where players take on Ultimus.

In the Mighty Thor series, Ultimus was first introduced as an Eternal. He is the primary antagonist in Marvel Strike Force who attempts to take over the entire world.

And, you must assemble teams and push back the S.T.R.I.K.E. legion as an agent of S.T.R.I.K.E. Fortunately, you have some powerful allies on your side.

Several renowned Marvel movie and television characters are at your disposal. So, it is possible to defeat Ultimus and his legion with the right tactics and strategies.

As a result, the Earth is saved. We’ve put together a list of the best Marvel Strike Force tiers to help you in your campaign. You’ll see some familiar faces from titles such as The Avengers and Agents of Shield as you read on.

What is Marvel Strike Force Tier List?

Tier lists rank items or characters based on their effectiveness. Tier lists are often divided into categories. Each tier represents the quality of the item or character in question.

Here is a tier list that ranks all of the available heroes and villains in Marvel Strike Force, from best to worst.

The best ranking is S Tier. The worst ranking is E Tier. Tier lists are based on different factors, including synergy between characters, character ability/power, and stats of the character.

Heroes and villains each have a different class type. Controller, Support, Brawler, Protector, and Blaster. These are the types of classes:

Controller: For a certain amount of turns, they prevent enemies from using character abilities/powers.

Protector: There is a high chance that they apply defense buffs to themselves orally. They are also capable of cleansing negative effects.

Brawler: They are heroes who have high chances of inflicting bleeding on their enemies. They also prevent their enemies from gaining energy.

Support: Heroes who are capable of healing or buffing their allies. They may even be able to remove harmful effects from their allied units.

Blaster: Multiple enemies can be dealt with at once by characters with long-range abilities.

We’ll start with the very best. Let’s start with S Tier.

Marvel Strike Force S Tier List

In S Tier, you will find the game’s best heroes and villains. Among Marvel Strike Force’s heroes and villains, these are some of the most powerful and well-rounded characters.

They can be used almost anywhere, making them a valuable addition to any team. It is also highly recommended that you add any of these heroes or villains to your team if you have the opportunity.


Marvel Strike Force A Tier List

There are some of the finest heroes and villains in the A Tier, which is just below S Tier. However, they are less versatile than those in S Tier.

Nevertheless, they are formidable opponents. And, in most battles, players will have an advantage if they have these characters.

Marvel Strike Force B Tier List

As the heroes and villains move into the B Tier, their usage starts to become more situational. Yet, they remain great characters that can be used.

However, players must also consider team synergy when using them. Some may not work on all teams.

Marvel Strike Force C Tier List

There is a drop-off beginning in the C Tier. This means that heroes and villains from C Tier are not as good as those from Tier 1 and Tier 2.

And, before using these characters, players must understand how the synergy of their team works. That way, they can compensate for their weaknesses.

Marvel Strike Force D Tier List

The D Tier consists of below-average characters in the game. It is not recommended to use them. This is because they can easily be replaced with other characters who are more powerful or useful.

Marvel Strike Force E Tier List

Among the heroes and villains of Marvel Strike Force, Tier E is the weakest. You should not use these in battle unless you must do so for a particular reason or if you value the character for sentimental reasons.

E Tier consists of all the remaining heroes and villains that haven’t been ranked.


What is the best hero or villain in Marvel Strike Force?

You must decide what criteria you value in a character before answering this question. Marvel Strike Force has several different class types.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Some characters deal with damage better than others. Meanwhile, others provide more utility to the team.

The best heroes are usually those that fit into your playstyle or compliment your current roster of heroes/villains.

How to use the Marvel Strike Force tier list?

There is a very user-friendly and easy-to-use tier list. Simply, look for the character you’re looking for on the list.

Moreover, it will tell you the class in which they belong as well as what tier they live in. And, a high tier indicates that the character is in a good position. Using this character is recommended.

What are RPG games?

Role-playing games are usually based on a chosen main character that you play. The character belongs to a group that tries to save the world.

A series of missions must be completed throughout the game. And, these enable the character’s skills to develop. These also contribute to the storyline’s progression.

Why are the benefits of using the Marvel Strike Force tier list?

Each Marvel Strike Force character has a different power level in the game which can be seen on the list. This can help you understand how a specific character may fit into your team.

It’s also important to know what types of strategies you might use when you’re fighting against another team.

Final Words

Marvel Strike Force tier list provides a great way to compare heroes and villains. Players can use them as a guide for either new players or veteran players who want to know what their current roster’s power level is.

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