MCOC Tier List (2022) (Best Characters)

MCOC Tier List 2022: A very popular game among gamers is the Marvel Contest of Champions.

And, marvel Contest of Champions Tier List is something that every player wants to know. So, yoday, we are going to provide you all the information you need about Marvel’s Contest of Champions Tier List.

Despite the fact that Marvel Contest of Champions is a game for all ages. Younger players seem to be more fond of Kajal. Due to the fact that this is an action game, players are more excited to play it.

Occasionally, though, this game also causes players to lose. As a result, they feel that their game play is poor.

In reality, it depends on your character, hero, and tier list as well. In addition, it depends on what type of hero you choose and play.

However, every player wants to enjoy the game as much as possible. They are unaware of the tier list.

So, today we’re going to solve that dilemma for them. We will tell them about the Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List.

MCOC Tier List – Updated

Marvel Contest of Champions is a mobile fighting game created by Kabam in which players collect Marvel characters and level them up to fight other enemies.

It is a turn-based game in which the player assembles a team of champions before fighting. In this game, there are more than 203 Marvel characters collected from different historical periods.

Among the features of Marvel CoC are multiplayer PvP, singleplayer, live events, story mode missions, and Alliance Wars for Guilds.

Mcoc has multiplayer PvP events in which players can compete for best rewards as heroes. There is also a ranked league in which players with similar skill levels play. Players compete to determine who is the best.

There is a story mode in Marvel CoC single player mode. And, fighting takes place in a series of rounds, and players must defeat their enemies to win.

Players earn experience points by winning matches. Players can then use those points to level up or improve their skills. The game is included in the single player mode of Alliance Wars.

Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List

Obviously, Marvel Contest of Champions is one of the most popular fighting games available on mobile. There are several types of characters in the game, as players who play it know very well.

And, they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. There are also many power-ups in the game.

Here, we have outlined the MCOC Tier List and Contest of Champions Tier List below. This will allow you to pick which character you wish to play.

MCOC S Tier List

The following is the list of MCOC Tier List for S Tier.

MCOC A Tier List

Here are the A Tier List – Contest of Champions Tier List.

MCOC B Tier List

MCOC C Tier List

MCOC D Tier List

Here are the D Tier List – Mcoc Champion Tier List 2022.

MCOC E Tier List

Here are the Seatin Tier List E – Marvel Contest of Champions Best Characters List 2022.

Best Attackers in MCOC

As you can see in this list, there are all the best attackers in MCOC.

Omega Red
Corvus Glaive
Magneto OG
Kitty Pryde
Guillotine 2099
Human Torch
Cosmic Ghost Rider
Captain America IW
Doctor Doom
Black Widow
Captain Marvel Movie
Void (Duped)
Nick Fury

Best Defenders in Contest of Champions

Find the Best Defenders of Contest of Champions in this seatin tier list.

Ebony Maw
Nick Fury
Man Thing
Prof. X
Iron Man
Wolverine Weapon X
Doctor Doom

Final Words

In these posts you can find information about Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) Character Lists and Seatin Tier Lists. We hope you will find this MCOC Tier List 2022 Update helpful.

Among the characters and heroes listed here are the best ones. This will improve your game performance.

You will be able to advance in the game with the help of these heroes. Also, your champions’ power will increase as you earn more and more points.

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