Nezuko Age: How Old Is Nezuko (2022)

Nezuko is a character in the game Demon Slayer that you love. So, here you can read all about Nezuko’s role, nezuko age, her occupation, and her other details. We’ll also point out a few hidden details.

Do you enjoy anime characters? You’re in the right place. One of the best works out there with great content but violence is Demon Slayer, an award-winning action-adventure anime.

Undoubtedly, Nezuko is the only character which has attracted players’ attention. As a result, fans began searching for information such as Nezuko’s age, whether she is alive, and more.

nezuko age in demon slayer

Fortunately, that quest has ended. This guide provides further details on Nezuko.

Nezuko Age in Demon Slayer

The biological Nezuko age is 12 and the chronological age is 14. One of the most famous characters in Demon Slayer is her. Nezuko is a female character.

Muzan Kibutsuji turned her into a demon when she was originally human. Nezuko’s height is 153 cm and her weight is 45 kg/99 lb. Her birthday falls on the 28th of December.

When human, Nezuko has black hair. And when a demon, her hair changes from black to copper. She also has dark pink eyes when she is human.

But, they become pale pink when she becomes a demon. She plays the role of the Main Deuteragonist.

How Old Is Nezuko

Nezuka is 12 and 14 years old. Nezuka is alive before the time skip and dead after the time skip. Tanjuro Kamado is her father, and Kie Kamado is her mother.

Nezuko has a younger and older brother. Tanjiro Kamado is her older brother. Takeo Kamado is her younger brother. Moreover, Hanako Kamado is Nezuko’s younger sister. Zenitsu Agatsuma is her husband.

how old is nezuko

In Demon Slayer, Nezuka is ranked second in handsomeness. This makes her one of the two remaining Kamados. She is Tanjiro Kamado’s younger sister. Muzan Kibutsuji turned her into a demon after attacking her.

She and her brother Tanjiro were the only victims of the demons. She is constantly torn between protecting herself and acting like a demon.

Why does Nezuko live in a box?

The sun is hated by demons. Kimetsu no Yaiba’s creatures have a similar weakness to vampires from ancient lore. A demon’s strength and place in the hierarchy determine how lethal the sun is to them.

why does nezuko live in a box

Due to her transformation into a demon before the story begins, Nezuko is vulnerable to the effects of the sun as well. For this reason, she alters her size so that she fits inside the box.

In the story, however, we see her develop a unique ability to allow her to be exposed to the sun. However, she does not burn.

Nezuko Abilities

Nezuko possesses all demonic traits.

Changing Body Size: She has the ability to change both her height and body size. It is obvious from the fact that she shrinks inside the sun-protection box. When she fights other demons, she can change back to her original size.

General Strength Upgrade: Although she does not consume human flesh, her strength is greater than that of her fellow demons.

She doesn’t possess any martial skills nor does she display any finesse when she takes down an enemy. And, when she attacks, she strikes with raw force. It is her brute strength that she prioritizes.

By kicking just the neck region, she can decapitate a regular demon. It is the weakest part of the entity. Veterans of demon slaying aim to attack this region with their weapons whenever possible.

Nezuko’s strength is said to be equal to that of an upper moon demon at the end of the anime / manga series.

Hyper Regeneration: Demons can heal at a rate that is exponentially faster than humans. While this is possible, Nezuko’s regeneration takes things to another level.

Regenerating her severed limbs with incredible skill and speed is her specialty. The level of regeneration ability is also comparable to that of an upper moon demon.

Demonic Transformation: She goes into berserk mode when her or her brother’s life is in danger. Her physical form becomes demonic.

As a result, green vine-like patterns appear all over her body, forming demon crests. A single horn protrudes from her right forehead and she has numerous veins all over her body.

And, from her physical appearance, it is evident that she is strong and capable of fighting.

Protection Against The Sun: During Nezuko’s adventures with Tanjiro, she also develops a unique demonlike trait: resistance to sunlight.

And, she is also capable of coping with sun exposure after battling an upper moon demon. Other demons are not known to have this ability.

Blood Demon Arts: Many higher-level demons are capable of performing these spells or techniques.

Nezuko boasts strength and other attributes comparable to those of an upper moon demon, so it is no surprise that she also has this.

In addition, she lets out pink demonic flames through a specific technique. The flames are made from her own blood. The flames are lethal for other demons. Normal humans, however, are not affected.

We see her ability becoming more complicated as the story progresses. As an example, we saw that her flames were capable of turning Tanjiro’s Nichirin blade from black to red.

This makes the weapon more effective against demons of higher levels. Also, this enhances his ability to perform the Dance of the Fire God techniques. Nezukos blood demon artwork is called Exploding Blood.

Nezuka Interesting Facts

Background Information For Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, a talented cast of voice actors is used. Abby Trott portrays the English voice of Nezuko.

Also interestingly, she sang the theme song for Super Smash Bros, “Lifelight”. Akari Kito is the Japanese voice actor who sang the song.

Kito is said to have a similar look to Nezuko by some in the community. They are both 5 feet tall. One common characteristic between them is their height.

Still not convinced she’s the most suitable choice? Ki is the first part of the voice actor’s name. The word means “Demon”.

Chosen One:¬†As Muzan describes her, Nezuko Kamado is the chosen demon. Since she is the only one of her kind that doesn’t get completely burned to ash by the sun.

A surprising amount of fear is felt toward the sun even by Muzan, the progenitor of all demons.

Symbolic Name: Before the attack by the demon, the Kamado family lived in a snowy mountain area.

In English, the name “Nezuko” partially translates as “Snowball flower” in Kanji. Snowball flowers bloom during winter. Thus, she may have been named after that flower.

Popularity Polls: Character popularity polls are one of the exciting aspects of any anime or manga series. Nezuko placed third with 3319 votes in the first popularity poll.

In a second poll, however, her popularity dropped to 11th place. Her brother, on the other hand, was ranked 4th. It is normal for Shounen series to rank fourth. Main characters lose popularity over time.

Side characters and villains become more and more interesting over time. Luffy from One Piece is a notable exception. In spite of the multitude of characters the series launches for each arc, he remains at the top of the list.

An Important Family Heritage: Tanjiro and Nezuko are the descendants of the most powerful breathing technique ever devised. All breathing techniques come from the sun style, the skill that has been passed down the family line.

From the sun style, all other breathing forms developed. A series of breathing forms inherited from the Kamado family is known as the “Hinokami Kagura” or “The Dance of the Fire God”.

And, in total, 13 methods have been identified.


Does Nezuko like Zenitsu?

It seems as though Nezuko is devoid of human emotions from what we see in the anime. Nonetheless, it seems as though she avoids Zenitsu’s advances.

He seems like a “weird dandelion” to her. The lighter colors probably refer to that. There is a flame orange theme throughout Zenitsu to resemble the thunder breathing techniques he practices.

Once she has regained her humanity, Nezuko recalls her past as a demon. Additionally, Zenitsu tended to her affectionately and gave her flowers.

Kimetsu no Yaiba’s last chapter, chapter 205, hints that Nezuko and Zenitsu were married at some point in their lives.

Is Nezuko older than Tanjiro?

Not at all. Nezuka is Tanjiro’s little sister. They were 12 and 13 when the story begins.

In chapter 5, by the end of the two-year training period, they will be 14 and 15 years old, respectively.

Can We Say Nezuko is a Child?

Yes, absolutely. The biological age of Nezuko is 12 and her chronological age is 14.

Final Words

This concludes our post on Nezuko Age and How Old is Nezuko. This is pretty much all there is to know about Nezuko’s status, age, personal details, and fascinating facts.

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