Best Way to Type O with Line Over It in Word

If you are using a PC or a Mac, this article includes several options for typing the O Macron or O with line over it in Microsoft Word or Excel.

Let’s begin immediately.

Guide to Type O with Line Over It in Word (O Macron)

You must first know the alt code of the character you want to type in order to type the letter O with the line above it in MS Word.

Alternatively, you can use 332 or 333 as an O macron alt code. Use the numeric keypad to enter the alt code (332 or 333). Hold down the Alt key and release it.

You can also add the symbol to your Word document for Windows by typing 014C and pressing Alt + X.

For both Windows and Mac, the following table contains the necessary information for typing the O Macron symbol in Word.

Microsoft Word will automatically insert the O with a line over it when you follow the above directions.

In the event you are dissatisfied with this quick solution, keep reading as I will provide detailed instructions on putting this or any other symbol into MS Word or Excel on a Mac or Windows PC.

Type O Macron on your Keyboard

A number of keys on the keyboard have dual functions, as you may already know.

The second keys on the keyboard have symbols readily available to them.

The insertion of such symbols is as simple as pressing two or more keys simultaneously.

You can, for instance, press Shift + 5 to display the percentage (%) symbol.

On the keyboard, there are additional symbols printed as second keys.

It is hard to type with this. O and line over it or O Macron is one of these symbols.

When you have to use these symbols frequently in your work, typing becomes very difficult for you.

Nevertheless, it is not impossible. Even more so as you read this guide.

Add O with line over it in Word (Ō)

You will see how to add this symbol (Ō) to any Windows or Mac PC in the following sections.

You can quick-fix this problem by pressing the Alt key and typing 332 or 333 on your numeric keypad if you are using MS Word.

MS Word is the only application that works with this shortcut.

This is a list of each of the options I know to get you this character (Ō) if the above quick quid does not work for you.

Method 1: Using Alt Code

The Alt Code for O with a line over it is 332 or 333.

You can insert a symbol into a Word document by using its unique code.

Codes of this type are often referred to as “Alt codes”.

Follow these steps:

  • Activate the numeric keypad by pressing the number lock key. For laptops without numeric keypads, press Fn key + NumLk keys to enable Num Lock.
  • You can use the numeric keypad to enter 332 for uppercase and 333 for lowercase by holding the Alt key.
  • Then release the [Alt] key you pressed after typing the Alt code of the o macron.

The O Macron symbol should appear in your document as soon as you release the Alt Key.

Method 2: Copy Pasting O with Line Over It

This symbol (Ō) can be copied and pasted using the button below.


For symbols I cannot easily type, copy and paste is my favorite method.

To use this method, you just need to google the glyph you need to enter, then copy it from one of the following results.

It is, however, possible to recopy and paste the symbol as needed as soon as it is in your document.

Copying this symbol and any other symbol in Windows can be done in another way.

In this case, the Windows Character Map feature is used.

By using the character map, you can copy and paste any symbol. Follow these steps:

  • Select the Start button and look for the Character map.
  • Your search results will display the Character map app. Launch it by clicking on it.

0 with line over it sign insert

  • Check the Advanced View checkbox after opening the Character Map window to expand it and see a variety of more advanced options.
  • Search for Macron under Advanced View. Macron is the line above the O character.

how to type macron symbol in word

  • You can now view the symbol that you searched for.
  • Select it with a double click. In the text box that says ‘Characters to copy,’ you’ll see the symbol. Selecting and copying multiple symbols simultaneously is possible with this feature.
  • You will need to click the Copy button once you have selected the symbol to copy.
  • Then, simply press Ctrl + V to paste the symbol anywhere, whether you are in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Here’s how you can copy and paste the character o with line over it in Windows using the Character Map.

Method 3: Insert Symbol Dialog

In comparison to shortcut methods, this approach is a bit more complicated.

Using the insert symbol dialog box in Word, here’s how to insert an O with a line over it.

  • On the Insert tab and click the Symbols button.

macron symbol in word

  • Click the More Symbols button there.
  • Select the Symbol you want to insert.
  • In the Symbols window, select Latin Extended-A from the drop-down list of Subset: to easily find the O Macron symbol.
  • Symbols in this category should appear when you insert them.
  • Click on the Insert button after selecting the symbol.

Inserting O with line over it sign in word

  • The symbol can also be inserted by double-clicking it.
  • Close the window.

That’s how the Insert Symbol dialog box in Word can be used to insert the O Macron symbol.

Method 4: Using AutoCorrect for Small O Macron

Word’s AutoCorrect feature can be used when typing the O Macron.

Microsoft Word has a feature that will correct spelling mistakes.

Assign a shortcode to the O Macron symbol with the AutoCorrect Feature (e.g. OMAC).

Word will now automatically convert whichever text you type into the O Macron whenever you type the text OMAC.

This is how the text OMAC is actually typed by mistake as a new line over the letter O.

You can assign your own shortcode to the symbol and Word will insert it automatically whenever you type the shortcode.

To use AutoCorrect for typing O with a line over it in Word, follow these steps.

  • On the Insert tab and click the Symbols button.

type macron symbol in excel

  • Click More Symbols under the Symbol tab.
  • Select the O Macron symbol by locating it and clicking on it.
  • The AutoCorrect window will appear when you click the AutoCorrect button.

autocorrect feature for macron symbol

  • Enter the following in the AutoCorrect dialog box:

Replace: OMAC
With: Ō

insert o with line over it in powerpoint

Press the OK button after clicking Add.

You can type OMAC in Word and the symbol will appear automatically.

Please note the following when inserting the O Macron sign using the AutoCorrect Method.

  • The case is taken into account when using AutoCorrect. Unless you type OMAC (in uppercase), Word will not convert OMAC (in lowercase) to O with line over it.
  • Word will ignore the AutoCorrect text before or after it if there is any text before or after it, because it considers it part of the text and thus will not convert it to O Macron.
  • The symbol XOMAC, for example, will not get converted, however, the symbol X OMAC will get converted.

Final Words

With or without using a keyboard, there are various ways to insert an O with a line over it in Word/Excel.

I like to copy and paste in Word, then use the O Macron Alt code shortcut.

I look forward to hearing from you in the comments section below if you have any questions or comments about this guide on o with line over it alt code in word.

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