[LATEST] Ohm Symbol Alt Code Shortcut (Ω) in Word/Excel

There are several methods in this guide. It allows you to type or insert the Ohm Symbol [Ω] anywhere on your PC.

If you’re on the Mac keyboard or the Windows keyboard, you can execute programs like Word/Excel/PowerPoint.

The Ohm Alt code shortcut will be taught along with all the easy methods.

Let’s start right away.

How to Type Ohm Symbol in Word [Ω]

Windows users should follow these steps. You can do this by pressing the Alt key. Then type 234 into your keyboard’s numeric keypad.

In Microsoft Word, the symbol is typed as Ctrl+/. Choose it. Then hit Shift+O to obtain the O with a slash in word.

Below you will find everything necessary to type the symbol on Windows and Mac.

insert Ohm Symbol in word (cp)

Using Ohm Symbol Alt Code

ohm symbol alt code for word

The Ohm Symbol Alt Code is Alt + 234.

You can insert a symbol in Word by using its unique code. “Alt code” is a well-known term for this code.

To type the Alt code provided above, follow the steps below.

  • By pressing the numeric keypad key, you can access the numeric keypad. Num Lock can be activated with Fn +
  • NumLk keys on laptops without a numeric keypad.
  • Hold down the Alt key. Use the numeric keypad to enter 234.
  • If you have pressed down the [Alt] key, release it after entering the Alt code.

You should see the Ohm symbol in your document once you release the Alt key.

Omega Symbol Shortcut for Mac

ohm symbol shortcut for mac

Option + Z is the Omega Symbol shortcut for Mac.

Several shortcuts are available in Windows, but some only work with Microsoft Word.

Copy and Paste the Ohm Symbol

To add an Ohm symbol to your document, copy it from below.


Final Words

This was all about how to insert Ohm symbol in word/excel. The following were the different options for inserting or editing Ohm symbol inside Word/Excel. You can use the keyboard with or without it.

Copy and paste is my favorite method, followed by shortcuts. Alt Codes are also simple to use.

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions or comments about this Ohm symbol alt code guide.

Thank you for reading.

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