(2022) Type Paragraph (¶) Symbol in Word/Excel

There are several methods in this guide. It allows you to type or insert the Paragraph Symbol or Pilcrow Sign (¶) anywhere on your PC.

If you’re on the Mac keyboard or the Windows keyboard, you can execute programs like Word/Excel/PowerPoint.

The Paragraph Alt code shortcut will be taught along with all the easy methods.

NOTE: The purpose of this post is not to explain how to show or hide the paragraph marks in Microsoft Word. It shows how to type this symbol using your keyboard to insert it into your work.

Let’s start right away.

Short Guide for typing the Paragraph symbol (¶)

For Mac, press Option + 7 to instantly type the Paragraph Symbol wherever you are on your computer.

Windows users should follow these steps. You can do this by pressing the Alt key. Type 0182 into your keyboard’s numeric keypad.

In Microsoft Word, the symbol is typed as 00B6. Choose it. Then hit Alt + X to obtain the Paragraph sign.

Below you will find everything necessary to type the symbol on Windows and Mac.

paragraph symbol

Type Pilcrow or Paragraph Symbol in Word/Excel

The above information applies to your Word/Excel document whether you are using Windows or Mac.

If this quick help does not satisfy you, please continue to read below. Here I will show you how you can get the paragraph symbol to appear anywhere on your computers, such as in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

A number of keys on the keyboard function both under Windows and under Mac OS. Thus, symbols are immediately available on the keyboard as second keys.

In order to insert these symbols into your work, just press two or more keys simultaneously. Using Shift and the 7 key, for example, gives you the ampersand (&).

On the other hand, other symbols do not appear on the keyboard as second keys. Typing is difficult due to this. The Pilcrow Symbol (¶) is one of these symbols.

As you type these symbols on a regular basis, it becomes very difficult for you to type.

It need not be difficult, however. You should especially read this step-by-step guide now.

Insert Pilcrow/Paragraph symbol in Word/Excel

Here you will find out how to easily type or insert this symbol (Pilcrow ¶) anywhere on your PC, whether it is Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

I’m going to explain a couple of ways you can obtain the Pilcrow (¶) in a couple of minutes. As well as any other symbols that may be needed from time to time.

You can also use the numeric keypad to type the 0182 alt code by holding down the Alt key. The option + 7 combination works on Macs as well.

The following are the detailed descriptions of the methods without any further ado.

Using Pilcrow Symbol Shortcuts

Mac users can use Option + 7 to toggle paragraph symbols.

Shortcuts are available in Windows. There are some of these that only work in Microsoft Word.

However, the Paragraph Sign can be accessed from any application using a Windows shortcut. Alt+0182 is the shortcut for the Alt code.

paragraph symbol alt code shortcut 

  • 00B6, Alt X, is the shortcut for Microsoft Word’s Paragraph Symbol.
  • Microsoft Word is the only program that works with this.

Following are the instructions for using this on Windows:

  • Insert the insertion pointer where it belongs.
  • On your keyboard, type 00B6. Click on Alt + X.
  • At the point where the insertion pointer is put, this will convert the numbers into Paragraph symbols.

An explanation of the Mac shortcut for Paragraph is given below:

  • The insertion pointer should be placed where the symbol is to be inserted.
  • Let’s use the Mac keyboard. Hold down the Option key and the 7 key at the same time.

Your Mac PC will automatically insert the symbol with this shortcut.

Using the Paragraph Symbol Alt Code is the topic of my next section. The symbol should be typed on the keyboard.

Using Paragraph Symbol Alt Code

The Paragraph (¶) Symbol Alt Code is 0182.

You can insert a symbol in Word by using its unique code. “Alt code” is a well-known term for this code.

To type the Alt code provided above, follow the steps below.

  • By pressing the numeric keypad key, you can access the numeric keypad. Num Lock can be activated with Fn + NumLk keys on laptops without a numeric keypad.
  • Hold down the Alt key. Use the numeric keypad to enter 0182.
  • If you have pressed down the [Alt] key, release it after entering the Alt code.

You should see the Paragraph (¶) symbol in your document once you release the Alt key.

Copy and Paste the Pilcrow Symbol

To add a Paragraph symbol to your document, copy it from below.

The copy-and-paste method is my favorite way to insert symbols.

It’s easy to use this method; you just need to type the symbol into Google.

From a search result, copy the text. Whenever you need to do so, you can copy and paste the symbol into your document.

You can copy this symbol to your clipboard by clicking the button above.

The symbol, or any other symbol on Windows, can also be copied another way. A character map of the Windows operating system was used.

Follow these steps to use the character map to copy and paste any symbol.

  • On the Start screen, click on the Character map.
  • Search results will include the Character map app. Launch it by clicking on it.

character map 

A Character Map window will appear. Ensure that Advanced View is selected. A more advanced options window will appear when you expand the window.

  • Type Pilcrow in the search box in the Advanced View section.
  • Your selected symbol has now been added to the Character map. Select it by double-clicking.
  • When you click the Characters to copy box, you will see the symbol appear. Multiple symbols can be selected and copied simultaneously.

type paragraph sign in word

  • Select the symbol that you would like to copy. Choose Copy from the menu.
  • Change to the MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document where the symbol is needed. Copy and paste using Ctrl + V.

Using the Character Map on Windows, you can use the Paragraph sign to copy and paste in this way.

Using Insert Symbol Dialog Box

As opposed to shortcuts, this method requires more work. However, it’s fairly straightforward.

If you have already copied and pasted the symbol within your document, you can always use it as necessary throughout your work.

Using the insert symbol dialog in Word, the following steps will explain how to insert the Paragraph Sign.

  • Select the Insert tab.

insert tab

Click the Symbol button on the Insert tab. Select More Symbols.

how to type paragraph

  • You will be presented with the Symbol dialogue box after a few clicks.
  • Choose the Symbol that you want to insert.
  • The Paragraph symbol can be found on the Symbols dialog by looking at its bottom area. In the field Character code: enter 00B6. After typing the code, you will be able to select the Paragraph symbol.
  • To insert, click on Insert.

paragraph symbol insert dialog box 

  • You can also insert the symbol by double-clicking on it.
  • Close the window.

Using the insert symbol dialog in Word, you can insert the Pilcrow symbol with the steps above.

Final Words

The following were the different options for inserting or editing paragraph symbol inside Word/Excel. You can use the keyboard with or without it.

Copy and paste is my favorite method, followed by shortcuts. Alt Codes are also simple to use.

Please let me know in the comments section if you have any questions or comments about this Paragraph sign guide.

Thank you for reading.

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