How To Get A PlayStation Direct Invite

Do you know how to get a PlayStation direct invite?

It would be great to be one of the first people to use a new console such as the PS5. 

The event is only open to a few people, as Sony invites such a large number of people. In today’s article, we’ll explain how to get a PlayStation Direct invitation.

How To Get A PlayStation Direct Invite

Also, the first step is to go to the PlayStation website. And if you don’t already have a PlayStation Account (PSN), create one. 

After you have created your account, you can sign in. And you should find your Profile Picture at the top right of the page. Also, simply click on it. You can then access your Account Settings by clicking here.

The Account Settings section should have a section titled Other Settings near the bottom. 

Click on the Notifications option in Other Settings. You should then be able to see your Notifications. 

You will be asked to opt-in to receiving notifications from PlayStation concerning new products, special offers, and other promotions on the Notifications Page. 

It will have a checkbox saying, “Yes, I would like to receive personalized Sony and PlayStation information.” And this option must be checked. 

You now know how to get a PlayStation Direct (PSD) invite. Meanwhile, you don’t guarantee yourself an invite, but you increase your chances. 

When Sony is about to give it away, your account will be considered in the random selection process.

Things to Keep in Mind

There is no 100% guarantee that you will receive a PlayStation Direct Invitation. And compared to those who didn’t follow this guide, you will have a greater chance of succeeding. 

Make sure you do not share any of the contents of the E-mail you receive containing the invitation. 

Because these Invites are unique to each Account Holder. But they will not tolerate any usage prior to the Event. 

There is a URL that is mandatory in the PlayStation Direct Invite. In this way, other people cannot attempt to claim the invite from the intended recipient. 

Creating a new account is another way to check this notification. Towards the end of the Account creation process, you will see this option.

Final Words

We reach the end part of the article. And hope you will get the entire information about the topic

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