Fix: PlayStation Error Code WS-37398-0

How to fix playstation error code?

Due to an ongoing error, players may not be able to connect to or stay connected to the PlayStation Network right now.

It looks like you’ll have to wait out the storm if you’re one of several PlayStation 4 or 5 players experiencing error code WS-37398-0. 

It is common for the error code WS-37398-0 to appear when there are network outages for PSN services. Therefore, players won’t be able to connect to any online features that directly use PSN, such as online multiplayer games or the PlayStation Store. 

How to Fix PlayStation Error Code WS-37398-0?

It means that there is a server outage if you receive the error code WS-37398-0 on your PS4 or PS4. In other words, if you are unable to log in or connect to PlayStation Network, it is their issue, not yours. 

This time, you can’t use the online features of PSN and you’ll have to wait. Also, the problem will be resolved by Sony’s support team. And only then can you continue to use the service, whether it is an online multiplayer game or the PlayStation Store.

Check PSN server Status makes it easy for you to know what’s happening. And this will inform you if there are any outages on the PSN servers. Otherwise, you can check the Downdetector site to see if PlayStation Network is down. 

Furthermore, you can check Twitter, Reddit, and other social media channels for chatter about this PlayStation Error Code WS-37398-0. Otherwise, you can also contact Sony’s support team separately to report your problem.

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