Elden Ring Servers Down? (Know Here)

Do you know Elden Ring servers down?

Despite Elden Ring being primarily a single-player game, it can be fun to kill bosses if you play multiplayer online with friends. 

You won’t be able to summon players into your world if the Elden Ring servers are down at any time. And what is the current status of the Elden Ring server?

Elden Ring Servers Down?

Elden Ring servers can be checked in a few different ways right now.

  1. The official Twitter account of Elden Ring can be found here.
  1. Find out what the community has to say about the downtime on Reddit and Twitter. But steam may be down at the moment, so check it out.
  1. Check if you’re playing on consoles, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network are down.

The official Twitter account is your best bet. And this is where maintenance periods will be announced and any unexpected outages will be listed. 

To receive the latest and most up-to-date news, follow @ELDENRING and use the notification button.

You can also check whether the server connection issues are widespread or just yours by searching the r/EldenRing subreddit and Twitter. 

All players can do in such scenarios is wait until the developers resolve the issue. It is still possible to play solo offline, and you will not be invaded if you do.

You could also experience a problem with the platform you are using to play Elden Ring. 

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