Shotgun Farmers Codes (Updated) (2022)

Do you want free profile badges and headgear using Shotgun Farmers Codes 2022? Here you go.

We’ve compiled a list of all the current active codes here. With which you can purchase in-game items such as badges and other amazing items.

Here is the most current list of Shotgun Farmers codes you can redeem for free profile badges and other awesome stuff. The Shotgun Farmers game offers an amazing and quick way to level up.

We frequently update this list. So, please bookmark this page for future reference. And, be sure to check back regularly for more rewards from Shotgun Farmers.

You can find out how to get Shotgun Farmers codes for free badges, hats, and more exclusive items by following this post.

Shotgun Farmers Codes – Updated

The multiplayer shooter game Shotgun Farmers is available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. You can plant ammo by firing your bullets into the ground in this game.

The game’s superb graphics have earned Shotgun Farmers a large following among fans of independent games.

There are some players, however, who may not realize that they can unlock different kinds of items they can use to enhance their gameplay, such as profile badges and headgears by using a valid code.

On PS5, you may need to have the most recent system software installed before playing Shotgun Farmers. PS5 users can still play this game. However, some features may not be available.

Active Shotgun Farmers Codes

z0mbear this code unlocks a z0mbear headgear.

Profile Badges

tiktokbok this code unlocks a chicken profile badge (I am Bok Bok).
tiktokmoo this code unlocks a cow profile badge (I am Moo Moo).
tiktokneigh this code unlocks a horse profile badge (I am Neigh Neigh).
tiktokoink this code unlocks a pig profile badge (I am Oink Oink).
tiktokkaw this code unlocks a crow profile badge (I am Kaw Kaw)

How to Redeem Shotgun Farmers Codes

You can redeem a code if you’re new to Shotgun Farmers and haven’t done so before by following these simple steps:

1. Start the game. Then, select the main menu.

2. And, select “CUSTOMIZE” from the menu. Hit “OK”.

3. Now, in the lower corner of the screen, click the “ENTER CODE” button.

4. And, input the code you received into the text field. Now, by clicking on the “SUBMIT” button, you will unlock free items.

Your Rewards will be delivered to you at the end.

How to Get More Shotgun Farmers Codes

There are only two things you need to consider when looking for the Codes. The first thing is to follow the developer’s Twitter account for Shotgun Farmers. @QaziTV.

Following the Shotgun Farmers developer’s twitter account will allow you to stay up-to-date with all the latest codes and updates.

As a second option, you can also follow this account to keep up with new posts. @ShotgunFarmers.

Final Words

This is all about this article. We will update this article as soon as we found out new codes. Thanks for visiting over here.

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