5 Ways to Add Square Root Symbol (√ ) in MS Word

This post will show you how to insert the Square root symbol from the keyboard in Word.

It is a short article with five easy ways in which you can insert this symbol into Microsoft Word or any other application.

Several of these methods can be used to insert symbols in other apps like Excel, PowerPoint, or Access as well as browser-based programs such as Google Docs.

Let’s jump right in!

Add Square Root Symbol (√ ) in MS Word

I’ve put together a quick table to help you. You won’t need to read through everything here if you look at the table below.

insert square root symbol in word

In it is a square root symbol that can be copied and pasted into your work.

Additionally, the keyboard shortcut and square root symbol are included.

The Square Root symbol is typed by holding down the Alt key and entering the Square Root symbol alt code (i.e. 251) on your keyboard.

After typing the alt code, release the Alt key.

You can also type the character code (221A) into MS Word and then press the Alt+X key to turn this into the symbol.

You can use the option+v keyboard shortcut on Mac.

Those are just quick steps to get the job done.

However, if this quick help is not sufficient, here is a full step-by-step guide for inserting any symbol you desire into Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

On the keyboard are only a few symbols printed, and they can be inserted by simultaneously pressing certain keys.

There are many symbols like divide by symbol etc. that aren’t printed on the keyboard, so they’re difficult to type. Square root symbols (*) belong to that grouping.

How to Insert Square Root Symbol in Word

I will show you today how you can insert the Square root symbol into Word easily.

The following methods can also be used to insert any other symbol into Word, even though I demonstrate using the Square root symbol.

Here are various methods of inserting the Square root sign.

Method 1: Insert Equation

The insert Equation feIn this case, any mathematical symbol can be easily inserted into a word document.

This feature in Microsoft Word makes it so easy to type Math symbols.

With this option, you can effortlessly insert almost any mathematical symbol into your word document.

To help you, here are the steps:

  • The insertion pointer should be placed where you want the square root symbol to appear.
  • The Equation Field is displayed by pressing Alt+= on your keyboard press space after typing /sqrt.
  • Type /sqrt in this field then hit the space bar.

After you type /sqrt, Word inserts the square root symbol into your document as soon as you press the space bar.

Method 2: Alt Code Shortcut on Keyboard

There is a character code for every character in Word. The Square Root symbol can be inserted using this character code on the Keyboard. It is commonly referred to as the Alt code.

Square root symbol shortcut is Alt251 or 221A, AltX.

Here are the steps (using the Alt code) to insert the symbol:

  • Insert the insertion pointer at the location where the symbol will appear.
  • Tap and hold the Alt key, then type 251 onto the numeric keypad.
  • Enter the Alt code – 221A
  • Once the code has been converted to square root, press Alt+X

After releasing the Alt code, the symbol (*) will automatically be inserted into the document.

Method 3: Using Copy and Paste

Copying and pasting this symbol into MS Word may be the easiest option.

Any symbol you choose can be copied and pasted into your work regardless of the software you use.

For those of you who want to copy and paste the Square root into their work, here it is:


Method 4: Insert Symbol Dialog

In this method and the next, there is no keyboard involved.

Thus, it can only be used within apps that support inserting symbols, such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Access.

  • Use the Insert Symbol dialog box to insert a square root symbol. Symbols are found by clicking the More Symbols button under the Insert tab.

add square root sign

  • A dialog box called Symbols will appear. Now you need to locate the symbol you wish to insert.
  • The symbol must be located.
  • By using the scroll bar, you can look up and down in the gallery of symbols for the square root symbol.
  • The Unicode (hex) option in the from drop-down is an option if you cannot find the symbol in the symbol field.

Similarly, select Mathematical Operators from the drop-down menu at the top right.

The Symbols dialog box will only display the Mathematical Operator signs, such as Square root if this is the case.

In the field for the Character code, just type 221A, the symbol will appear.

  • Symbols can be selected by clicking and inserted by clicking.
  • The square root sign can also be inserted directly into your document by double-clicking on it.
  • The Symbol dialog box should be closed once you have inserted a symbol.

how to type squareroot symbol

Using the insert symbol dialog in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Access, you can insert the Square root symbol.

Method 5: AutoCorrect Keyboard Shortcut

Square root symbols may also be obtained by using the AutoCorrect feature.

Spelling mistakes can be corrected with this tool. Symbols can be written with an AutoCorrect text (such as SQRT) by using this option.

Thus, each time you type SQRT on your keyboard, Word will think you’re typing the square root symbol (√) so it’ll automatically convert it.

Especially useful when inserting symbols frequently into your work is this approach.

In no time at all, here’s how you can assign AutoCorrect text to symbols.

  • Choose More Symbols from the Symbol tab of the Insert tab.

sqaure root symbol in word

  • The symbol appears in the dialog box.
  • To select a symbol, first, locate it and then click it.
  • The AutoCorrect dialog will appear when you click the button.

typing square root from keyboard

  • Select AutoCorrect from the AutoDictionary dialog box and enter the following:

In place of SQRT (or whatever you wish to replace it with)
With: √

how to insert square root sign ms word

Once you have added the item, click OK.

Any time you type SQRT into Word, the symbol will be inserted automatically.

When using AutoCorrect, there are a few things to remember.

  • There is a case-sensitive feature in AutoCorrect. Word will not translate sqrt (in lowercase) into the Square root symbol unless you enter SQRT (in uppercase).


  • The AutoCorrect text will not be converted if any text appears before or following it. In XSQRT, for example, X * will get converted to X SQRT.

Final Words

So, these were some of the best ways by using which you can type square root symbol in word easily. Keep visiting our blog for more informative articles.

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