Subnautica Aurora Codes (2022)

Do you know about Subnautica Aurora Codes?

You’ll be notified of the Aurora’s status frequently while playing Subnautica. And before crash landing, the Aurora had several reasons for doing so.

However, now that it has, you are welcome to explore it. And these are all the Aurora Door Codes for Subnautica.

Subnautica Aurora Codes

Often, players get notified about the Aurora’s status while playing Subnautica, an open-world survival action-adventure video game. 

There is a remote ocean planet called 4546B where The Aurora is stranded. And all Aurora Door Codes for Subnautica will be shared in this guide.

It is not difficult to locate Aurora Ship in Subnautica. But the best way to find them is to look at the surface of the water. 

It’s just a matter of getting a Radiation Suit once you’ve found Aurora Ship. 

In particular, you would be unable to explore the ship without a Radiation Suit. You might run into trouble because of that.

Working Codes in Subnautica

Cabin No. 1: 1869

Captain’s Quarters: 2679

Cargo Bay: 1454

Lab Access: 6483

Robotics Bay: 6666

You will find the code screen right next to the door once you reach it. And following the above order, enter the numbers. 

The door will open after entering the fourth and final digit. And it’s also possible to get the valuable loot inside.

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