Subnautica Below Zero Map (Guide)

Do you know about Subnautica Below Zero Map?

The game Subnautica: Below Zero is an engaging exploration and survival experience. And players can explore both land and water in this game.

In this, you’ll find so much to do and see. Also, there is an astounding openness to the world. In addition to traveling above and underwater, players can explore caves, structures, and more.

The map is enormous. But this is the only way to describe it. Also, There can be a bit of a challenge finding a certain area.

Therefores, Explorers should be able to take the weight off their shoulders with a map and a list of all biomes.

Subnautica Below Zero Map

The world map in Subnautica Below Zero can be found here. By learning each coordinate’s location, you can determine what you need to do.

The map is divided into different regions. And the quirks and designs of each are unique:

Using Map Cordinates

The following steps must be completed before you can use coordinates in Subnautica Below Zero:

It has a coordinate grid on the map that can be accessed by pressing the F1 key.

Also, the window will open with your current coordinates and additional information about the game.

You can fast-travel to a particular location by entering its coordinates. And hit ‘Enter’ to continue.

As a result, your character should be warped to a new location on the map of Subnautica Below Zero.

Subnautica Below Zero Map Co-ordinates

These are all the map coordinates for Subnautica Below Zero, arranged by type of location.

Alterra Corporation Locations

On map below, you can find the bases of Alterra Corporation:

Architect Bases

On the below map, you can find all Architect Bases as follows:

Data Boxes

On the map below, you can find all Data Boxes as follows:


The map below shows all key biome locations in Subnautica Below Zero:

Independent Structures

On the map below, you’ll find all independent structures listed below:


On the map below, you can find all caves listed below:

Leviathan Spawns

On the map below, you will find all Leviathan Spawns as follows:

Precursor Bounties

The following is a list of all Precursor Bounties available in Subnautica Below Zero:

Sea Monkey Nests

Here are all the Sea Monkey Nests you can find on the map below:


On the map below, you can find all PDAs as follows:

Lava Geysers

The following is where you can find all the Lava Geysers in Subnautica Below Zero:

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