Techland GG Codes (2022)

Do you know about Techland GG Codes?

In addition to Dead Island, Dying Light, and Dying Light 2, Techland has created some other iconic games. 

You can redeem Techland GG Codes for various bonus offers, rewards, and goodies within the game. 

To claim your freebies, follow these steps if you are unsure how to do it.

Techland GG Codes

  1. Create a TechlandGG account at
  1. Use this account for Dying Light 2 or other games that you play on PSN/Steam/Epic or MS.
  1. Creating an account but not linking a platform? Log in. You can do this by clicking your profile picture at the top right of the site.
  1. Select Account Summary from the menu.
  1. The Connect Platforms section should be under your Profile. 
  1. You can sign in by clicking on the + sign over the platform icon.

  1. Click on the Rewards tab on the Techland website. If you’d like to receive a particular weapon, skin, or in-game item for free, click the Claim button. 

If there are wallpaper packs available, you can download them.

  1. The Redeem tab can be found if you have a code to redeem. In the text field that says Enter your code, type it in.

  1. Click Redeem. In-game rewards will appear after you receive them.

Techland Rewards List

When you redeem Techland codes, you will get rewards like these.

  • Gold Tier Dockets
  • Rosemary
  • Antigone
  • Wallpapers Starer Pack
  • Techland’s 30th Anniversary Outfit

Final Words

It will be the developers themselves who reveal new Techland GG codes. And social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are used to share them.

These are all the codes you need to know. 

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