Top Played Brain Games of 2022

Your brain requires attention to its well-being, just like you pay attention to the fitness of your body. Various workouts keep your body in shape and ensure its optimum performance when required.

The aforementioned statement brings us to a noteworthy question, what about the fitness of the brain?

The answer is that your brain also needs exercise to stay in its best shape and deliver optimum performance when needed.

While there are many methods to put your brain to exercise, a quick and effective way to test your brain’s cognitive skills, including memory, flexibility, processing speed, attention, logic, and reasoning, is by playing brain games.

These games include some highly effective brain-teasing puzzles that require complete effort from your brain if you want to solve those puzzles.

Playing such puzzle games will boost your cognitive skills and help you keep your brain in the best shape.

If you want to know about top puzzle games for smartphones in 2022, then look no more. We have put together a list of such games to help you find the best puzzle games to exercise your brain.

Further details about this topic are given below:

Brain Games – Left vs Right

The first name in our list is the app that is capable of offering users a number of exciting puzzle games and trains your game for optimum performance.

The app has more than 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store and numerous positive reviews that shows people enjoy using this app and playing a large collection of mini puzzle games.

If you are looking to get your hands on an app that can help you put your brain to the test, then this app can be the right fit for you.

Brain Games: Puzzle for Adults

Who doesn’t want to test their attention, accuracy, flexibility, logic, memory, information processing, and reasoning skills?

The best way to test the aforementioned skills is by involving your brain in an activity that puts it to text. Playing various kinds of puzzle games can be the right option.

There is plenty of such brain games offered within this game that will help you test your memory, flexibility, attention, accuracy, and multiple other cognitive skills in a fun way.

Brain Out

Brain Out is yet another fantastic app that will earn its spot in our list of most played brain games in 2022.

This app offers various challenging puzzles that require immense use of logic and reasoning skills to get through different levels of this game.

If you think you have some high-level logic and reasoning capabilities, then put those capabilities to the test by playing Brain Out. You will soon figure out how effective your logic and reasoning skills are.

Note: You may need to think out of the box if you are really up to solving the challenges in the Brain Out app; just remember advanced level logic and reasoning are key.


Cognifit is another entry on our list. This consist of a collection of mini puzzle games that test multiple capabilities of your brain, including attention and efficiency to plan a solution in a limited time.

The best thing about this game is the feature that allows you to play the game with other people using the Cognifit app.

You can also play these games independently without opting for the multiplayer option. Simply download the app and see how fun it is to play this game.


An app that is specially developed by Lumos apps for cognitive training. This app presents a fun and interactive way of mental activity.

This app includes many fun puzzle games that are purposefully designed to test your memory, processing speed, flexibility, and problem-solving skills.

More than 10 million people use this app to exercise their brains and work on cognitive training of their brains with the help of fun and interactive puzzles featured in this app. You should also consider playing it as well.

Skills – Logic Brain Games

The last name is our list of the top played brain games of 2022 is the ‘Skills – Logic Brain Games’. This app is a vast collection of multiple games sure to put your brain to exercise.

You will be able to test various cognitive skills of your brain by playing mini puzzle games featured in this app.

If you start playing games in this app regularly, you will see an improvement in your memory, accuracy, and reflexes. You will also be able to test your color coordination and processing speed.

Putting it Together

You need to use the best app to get the best outcomes regarding brain exercise. We have discussed several apps that feature fun and interactive puzzle games to help you train your brain and improve your cognitive skills.

We hope this information will be helpful for you!

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