[Latest] U With Accent Alt Code (ù,ú,û,ü or Ù,Ú,Û,Ü)

On the keyboard, you can type a u character with an accent mark over it by typing the “u with accent alt code.” (Lowercase: ù,ú,û,ü or Uppwercase: Ù,Ú,Û,Ü).


Alternate codes are designed to type symbols on the keyboard that don’t have a designated key.

When typing these symbols or characters, you should hold down the Alt key while you type their alternative code.

U with Accent Alt Code

Below you will find all of the alt codes for the “u” letters with accent marks, both lowercase and uppercase (small and capital u with accents).

If you use any Windows keyboard, write the letter “U” with an accent mark over it using the alt codes in the table below.

We will illustrate with the capital U Alt Code (0220). A “u” umlaut, or u with two dots, can also be written as such.

  • Where u with accent symbol should go, place your insertion pointer there.
  • Your keyboard contains an Alt key. Press it and hold it.
  • Using the numeric keypad, hold down the Alt key, and then type the u umlaut alt code (0252 for lowercase ü and 0220 for uppercase. Check the table below for all the other u umlaut alt codes.
  • To insert the symbol immediately, release the Alt key after typing the Alt code..

When typing the alt code, you must use the numerical keypad. Using the numeric keypad requires you also to enable NumLock. If your laptop doesn’t have a numeric keypad, you can turn it on by pressing the Fn key and the NmLk key simultaneously

In order to type the various “u” letters with the accent mark, you can use this Alt Code method.

You can use these alt codes to type the u with two dots symbol or character anywhere on your Windows PC including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and even on your browser like Google Docs.

U with Accent Marks – Video Tutorial

This was all about using u with accent alt code in windows, mac, word, excel, etc.

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