How to Type an UP Arrow Symbol Text [SUPER EASY]

Typing up arrow symbol or upward symbol (↑) is very very easy in both windows and mac.

In this guide, I will tell you about various interesting methods using which you can type up arrow signs in word, excel, etc.

Let’s begin.

How to Type UP Arrow Symbol Text

Mac users can use the shortcut Option Control + Command + Spacebar to type Heart Symbol text anywhere on their keyboards.

You can also press down the Alt key and type 24 on the numerical keypad of your keyboard if you are using Windows.

You’ll find all the information in the table below needed to type the symbol on both Windows and Mac.

The above information can be used regardless of whether you are using Word or Excel.

If you are not satisfied with this answer then you can read below for a detailed explanation.

There are several keys on the keyboard that are dual-purpose for Mac and Windows users, as you may already know.

The second keys on the keyboard have symbols readily available to them.

The insertion of such symbols is as simple as pressing two or more keys simultaneously.

A few symbols are printed as the second key, however, others aren’t.

Typing those symbols is difficult because of this. The symbol for the heart belongs to this group.

In a work environment where you regularly use these symbols, typing becomes more difficult for you.

There’s no need to worry about it being difficult. In particular, after reading this step-by-step tutorial.

Method 1: Up Arrow Symbol Shortcuts

There are several shortcuts in Windows, some of which are only available in Microsoft Word.

Shortcuts for symbols such as the up arrow symbol are among them.

Microsoft Word’s shortcut for the upward arrow Symbol is Alt+24.

Microsoft Word only supports this shortcut.

The following instructions will assist you in using this shortcut:

  • The insertion pointer should be placed correctly.
  • Press Alt + 24.

That’s it.

Method 2: Up Arrow Symbol Alt Code

There is a character code for every character in Word.

The up arrow symbol can be inserted using this character code on the Keyboard. It is commonly referred to as the Alt code.

In our case, the upward symbol shortcut is Alt + 24.

Here are the steps (using the Alt code) to insert the symbol:

  • Insert the insertion pointer at the location where the symbol will appear.
  • Tap and hold the Alt key, then type 24 onto the numeric keypad.
  • Now release the Alt key.

After releasing the key, the symbol (↑) will automatically be inserted into the document.

Method 3: Insert Upward Arrow in Mac

To insert an Up Arrow symbol using the Character viewer on Mac, follow these steps:

  • Select the symbol you would like to add and click the insertion pointer.
  • On your keyboard, press Control + Command + Spacebar. By clicking this, you will see the Character viewer.
  • Search for “arrows” at the top of the Character Viewer by using the search bar. Click on the expanding icon in the upper right-hand corner.

This will then open the expanded Viewer for the Character viewer.

There should now be an “Arrow” option in the left-hand menu, just under the “Emoji” section.

Select an arrow you want to insert from the list and double-click on it.

This is how you can insert an upward arrow on a Mac.

Method 4: Copy Pasting Up Arrow

Copy and paste the up arrow sign from the button below to use in your work.

When I am unable to easily type, copy and paste is the method I prefer to use to insert symbols.

The symbol you need to type is just googled, then copied from one of the search results.

It is, however, possible to recopy and paste the symbol as needed as soon as it is in your document.

Copying this symbol and any other symbol in Windows can be done in another way.

This required the use of the Windows Character Map.

By using the character map, you can copy and paste any symbol. Follow these steps:

  • Select the Start button and look for the Character map.
  • Your search results will display the Character map app. Launch it by clicking on it.
  • Expand the window for more advanced options by checking the Advanced View checkbox.
  • Type Upward Arrow into the search box on the Advanced View page.

You can now view the symbol that you searched for.

  • Select it with a double click.
  • When you click the Characters to copy box, the symbol will appear.
  • Selecting and copying multiple symbols simultaneously is possible with this feature.
  • You will need to click the Copy button once you have selected the symbol to copy.
  • Paste the symbol into Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint where you need it.

This is one of the best ways to find up arrow symbols in windows.

Method 5: Insert Symbol Option

In this method, there is no keyboard involved.

Thus, it can only be used within apps that support inserting symbols, such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Use the Insert Symbol dialog box to insert a square root symbol.

  • Symbols are found by clicking the More Symbols button under the Insert tab.
  • A dialog box called Symbols will appear.
  • Now you need to locate the symbol you wish to insert.
  • By using the scroll bar, you can look up and down in the gallery of symbols for the up arrow.
  • Double click, game over.

One of the best ways to insert greater than or equal to sign.

Method 6: Up Arrow Sign through AutoCorrect

You can obtain up arrow text or symbol using the AutoCorrect feature in word.

Spelling mistakes can be corrected with this tool. Symbols can be written with an AutoCorrect text (such as UPARR) by using this option.

Thus, each time you type UPARR on your keyboard, Word will think you’re typing the upward arrow symbol (↑) so it’ll automatically convert it.

Especially useful when inserting symbols frequently into your work is this approach.

In no time at all, here’s how you can assign AutoCorrect text to symbols.

  • Choose More Symbols from the Symbol tab of the Insert tab.
  • The symbol appears in the dialog box.
  • To select a symbol, locate it and then click it.
  • The AutoCorrect dialog will appear when you click the button.
  • Select AutoCorrect from the AutoDictionary dialog box and enter the following:

In place of UPARR
With: ↑

Once you have added the item, click OK.

Any time you type UPARR into Word, the symbol will be inserted automatically.

When using AutoCorrect, there are a few things to remember.

  • There is a case-sensitive feature in AutoCorrect. Word will not translate UPARR (in lowercase) into the Square root symbol unless you enter UPARR (in uppercase).
  • The AutoCorrect text will not be converted if any text appears before or following it. In UPARR, for example, X ↑ will get converted to UPARR.

Final Words

This was about how to type up arrow symbol or upward arrow sign in word or windows/mac. Thanks for reading this article

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