War Of The Visions Tier List (2022)

This free-to-play, tactical 3D role-playing game (RPG) for Android and iOS devices is called War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

The game is published by Square Enix. And, our goal is to make finding a unit easier for you since it has a large pool of units to choose from. So, we sorted the War of the Visions tier from best to worst.

War of the Visions, a spinoff of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, shares many similarities with older Final Fantasy Tactics games, like The War of the Lions.

Those who are familiar with Final Fantasy will recognize a grid-based map, a turn-based combat system, the summoning of Espers and level progression. You can also summon new units through a gacha system.

War Of The Visions Tier List

The Final Fantasy Tactics Series is the inspiration for the tactical RPG Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

In War of the Visions players engage in 3D, grid-based combat with a variety of characters. They’ll also see some of their favorite characters from previous games.

In War of the Visions, the ranking of each unit is a hotly debated topic. And, character usage is also a huge factor in how they perform.

All War of the Visions units that are currently available in the global version of the game have been ranked in our tier list. The guide also provides information on how to reroll if you do not get the units you need from the start.

Without further ado, here is our list of the top tiers for The War of Visions.

WOTV Tier List

Here is the War Of The Visions Tier List that will help you find the best units.

wotv tier list

One thing is certain about every Gacha game. Power creep does affect the meta. This is to be expected, however. The units released are brilliant.

Their performance is getting stronger and stronger. And, 0ver time, that makes older units seem less powerful.

Therefore, we will explore all the units in War of the Visions in this article. From S to D, rank them. Take note that EX-work is considered here as well.

Note: Tier lists may change from time to time. Also included in this tier list is EX work for the unit under consideration.

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