Call of Duty: Warzone Vault Locations (Guide) 

A map with each Call of Duty Warzone bunker location highlighted can be found in this guide for players who want to locate them all. Call of Duty Warzone has just received a major update.

It also makes it possible for players to access the mysterious bunkers in the game. It has been a goal of fans since the title’s launch.

In Warzone, players will need to know where vaults are located before they can open them. So, it is precisely the purpose of this guide to provide all warzone bunker locations.

Warzone Vault Locations 

The Call of Duty Warzone game features 12 vaults in total. They are located throughout the battlefield.

You can see a map below highlighting all of these Warzone vault locations. There are also detailed descriptions for your ease of understanding.

Where Are the Vaults in Warzone?

warzone vault locations

Bunker 00: South of Zozsni Spomenik
Bunker 01: Between the Kart Racing Track and Junkyard
Bunker 02: Directly north of the Junkyard
Bunker 03: Through a trap door next to Bunker 02
Bunker 04: In the cliffs southeast of Gora Dam
Bunker 05: At the Crash Site
Bunker 06: Above the tunnel between Gorengard Lumber Yard and Karts River Quarry
Bunker 07: Through a trap door northeast of Verdansk Stadium
Bunker 08: Next to Bunker 07
Bunker 09: Directly northeast of Zordaya Prison Complex
Bunker 10: Directly east of Styor Spomenik
Bunker 11: Northwest of Arklov Peak Military Base

Final Words

In addition to the CoD: Warzone bunker locations, a key card is also needed to enter one of these shelters. They can be found in various loot boxes.

And, although not as common as other loot. When a player obtains one, they can use it to open any of the above vaults in Call of Duty Warzone. There is one exception: Bunker 11.

There is still no way to open Bunker 11 in Warzone. The use of drones, however, has allowed players to peek inside. And, a big red button, several rooms, and a nuclear warhead were found in this vault.

These could certainly be a sign of what CoD Warzone will be like in the future. That is, until it arrives. It’s fun for players to explore the Warzone vaults and collect tons of loot.

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