Where Does Elden Ring Take Place?

Do you know where does Elden Ring take place?

There are a lot of players who are wondering where the story of Elden Ring is taking place. Before the game’s release, they had been looking into the lore and story. 

But, a few famous tweets recently revealed that the game was actually being played in Ohio, causing many players to get confused. 

Here’s where Elden Ring takes place so we can clear this one up once and for all.

Where Does Elden Ring Take Place

The Lands Between is the setting for Elden Ring. And there is a vast realm under the Erdtree, the gigantic spectral tree visible from almost anywhere in the game.

It was once ruled by Queen Marika the Eternal in the Lands Between.

Queen Marika ruled over the area, and the Elden Ring was powerful.

Also, the Lands Between was ruled by a powerful enchantment that kept everything under the will of a Greater Will.

As a kind of divine plan, the Greater Will ensured everything ran smoothly.

Unfortunately, as with most Soulsborne games, something went horribly wrong.

Meanwhile, a fragment of the Elden Ring fell to the ground. And, the Lands Between were abandoned by the Greater Will. 

Marika, the queen, has disappeared. And the Shattering was an epic and gruesome battle between her children. 

And they eventually managed to obtain various shards of the now-broken Elden Ring. But the power of which still remains enormous.

The Lands Between is now ruled by Marika’s children, who are all demigods. And This corresponds to one of the different areas in the game. Stormveil Castle is the home of the Tarnished in Limgrave. 

Liurnia is dominated by Lake Liurnia, a large and very shallow body of water. But it is also the headquarters of Glintstone sorcery, Raya Lucaria’s academy. 

Scarlet Rot, a nasty plague, has afflicted Caelid with a spooky, festering quality. And high above the Erdtree, near Marika’s throne, is the Altus Plateau.

A little higher up are the Giant Mountaintops. The creatures that once lived there have abandoned them.

These are just a few of the largest areas in The Lands Between. Therefore, some smaller areas also include a tunnel network and a dungeon system. It’s safe to say that The Lands Between is a very large place.

The Elden Ring Lore

Time has lost the lore, purpose, and mysteries surrounding the Elden Ring. And it’s been too long since everything happened. 

There is only one event in the memories of storytellers and bards: the “Shattering.” Nevertheless, understanding the Shattering requires a look back at the events that preceded it.

Because Queen Marika was a Goddess, all her children with Godfrey became demi-gods. But those who lived in the Lands Between.

And the number of them was so great. Despite this, they ruled different parts of the extensive domain peacefully.

In the “Lands Between,” life was peaceful until an unknown cult of assassins sought to acquire the Elden Ring for themselves and began attacking Queen Marika’s kin. 

As a result of the organized and swift attack, the Goddess herself could not stop the deaths.

Godwyn the Golden, her favorite son, was assassinated, changing everything in “Lands Between.”. 

Our knowledge of the past is limited due to the bygone era. His death, however, shattered the Elden Ring.

As a result of this event, it became known as the “Shattering”.

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