Where To Get Comet Azur in Elden Ring

Do you know where to get comet azur in Elden Ring?

It takes a lot of time to find every spell in Elden Ring. And the reason for this is that so many spells and incantations are well off the beaten path. 

Fortunately, rounding up Comet Azur is not too challenging. However, it’s easy to overlook if you ignore your surroundings. 

And the purpose of this guide is to tell you where to find this super powerful sorcery.

Where To Get Comet Azur in Elden Ring

It requires 60 Intelligence to cast Comet Azur. Streams of magical energy are fired from it. In addition, it is capable of devastating a large number of bosses and groups of enemies at once. 

As a result, it is a must-have for any sorcery build looking to maximize damage output.

How to Get Comet Azur in Elden Ring

You can speak to the Primeval Sorcerer Azur in the Hermit village for the Comet Azur.

  1. To Grace’s Seethewater Terminus, take a fast travel route.
  1. Turn left to the north. If you see barricades and guards, ignore them and run past them.
  1. The lava lake should be your destination.
  1. Follow the lava lake’s path. Eventually, you should be heading east.
  1. Follow the road east until you reach another set of barricades. Turn north here after making a slight turn.
  1. The Hermit Village should be reached by now.
  1. The boss Demi-Human Queen Maggie can be found if you keep heading north.
  1. You can either fight it or ignore it completely. Rest at the Primeval Sorcerer Azur site of grace.
  1. In front of the site of grace, you will find a sorcerer wearing a green crystal-like hat. The Sorcerer Azur is shown here.
  1. Get in touch with him. You will receive the Comet Azur from him.

Using Comet Azur in Elden Ring

The Comet Azur can be used with any staff that has three memory slots. In order to use this spell, your character must also have an Intelligence of 60.

  1. Visit any grace site.
  1. You can memorize spells if you wish.
  1. As your spell, equip the Comet Azur.
  1. Before using your staff, make sure Comet Azur is selected. You will then be able to use Comet Azur.

You won’t be able to use this spell if you don’t have 3 memory slots. 

With the help of a Memory stone, you can easily increase your memory slot. Red Wolf of Radagon is one of the bosses that drops memory stones.

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